How are you doing with this year's goals and resolutions? Remember those?

The things you committed to back in fourth quarter and on New Year's Eve?  Here we are, mid-second quarter already; it's a good time to assess your progress--or, to try something different altogether.

There's something about that final quarter of the year that gives us new hope.  We see a lot of wonderful, inspirational posts and articles on creating new and next-level goals for the New Year. Being a coach, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing and, like you, I have my annual process and in place. In past years I mapped out what I called my 10 Most-Wanted List. Naturally, I would aim for the sky. Needless to say, disappointment often set in when all of those wishes didn't come to fruition.  So this year, I did something a little different, and it's working!

Instead of my 10 Most-Wanted list I created a Who Do I Have to Be? list. First, I listed my dream goals. Then, I asked "how does this goal fit in to my life and business plan?" Does it take me off path? Will it enhance my life or add to the bottom line in my business? Many of my goals did not fit my big picture vision; they were just things that I thought I should do. Did I really have to take on another volunteer position? Did I really have to attend three networking events a month? No, I didn't.

Now I had a list of crucial goals that serve me well. As I examined each goal I then asked, "Who do I have to be to make this happen?" This question opened the door to exploration, imagination, and new hope. I explored the reasons that some of my important goals remained undone. When I explored the one thing on my list that was most important to me I learned that I had to become a person who will ask for help, share my dream, and expand upon this already sizeable goal. That's right. I had to make my incomplete goal even bigger!

Beginning each goal statement with "Who do I have to be to _________"  gave me a different perspective on my aspirations. Here's how it worked for me.

For the last two years I have dreamed about launching a series of women's conferences. I even had a name and logo, but that's as far as I had gotten.  This year, instead of bullying myself into a commitment to make it happen, I asked "who do I need to be in order to create this conference in 2013?"  This question opened the door to exploration and honest communication between my left, logical brain and my right, creative brain. After writing, thinking, and a bit of talking to myself, I realized what I was missing. I faced the fact that I simply didn't want to do this alone. It's an exciting process and I wanted to share it with someone.

Prior to asking my magic question I thought I was just making excuses about not having enough time and energy to do the conference. But the deeper I looked, the more I understood. This conference is bigger than I am. The idea needed to be set free to grow and reshape itself. It was time to collaborate with someone who could lend her expertise and talents to expand upon the vision. This idea was no longer my own. It was time to find a "Make It Happen" partner and set my idea free!

Reframing this huge goal to a question about change helped me to look the problem right in the eye and find a solution.

Problem: I felt alone and overwhelmed at the thought of producing and presenting this conference on my own.

Solution: Find someone who has an equal passion and talent for helping people succeed and share the journey.

And that's exactly what I did. Today we are on track to Make It Happen on September 20, 2013! (You are invited! If you are a woman with a dream, please join Deb DiSandro and me on September 20.)

I feel a weight off my shoulders because my dream is coming true and it's filled with fun, creativity and collaboration. How can you reframe your goals and turn them into something that excites you and will not lead to disappointment in a year from now?

Who do you have to be to make it happen? Please share!