Who could live without a $64 mini olive tree in the bedroom? Or a $2000 television frame (television not included) that turns your black TV screen into a famous painting or family photograph? Indeed, you can carry three of Oprah's fav spices in your purse (just as she does) for under $55.00.

Since its debut in 1996, featuring Oprah's favorite red-and-white checkered pajamas, the "Favorite Things" list has captured the hearts of Oprah fans. As always, you'd need to have pretty deep pockets to purchase the majority of these items. And, for the person who must have it all, you'll need a whopping $14,000+ for Santa to drop them at your doorstep.

Decadence aside, at the very least, Oprah's Favorite Things list may get your creative gift-giving juices flowing. Since I'm not a fan of gifting branded promotional items to clients, (a gift should be meaningfully chosen for its recipient, not advertise your company) I've made a shortlist of things for under $50.00 that may be appropriate for client gift-giving. Use the code OPRAH for 20% off of most of these items.

1. Pet Sounds

I can personally attest to this one. While perhaps a little cutesy for an adult, I've tested this little wireless speaker against much pricier models and it's won out, hands down.


2. Salad Days

Translation: a really nice Italian glass oil and vinegar set. I enjoy making home-infused olive oils as a gift; this set would certainly upscale the presentation.


3. Thank-You Notes

I often write articles that include a reminder of the importance of gratitude. This pretty jar will make practicing gratitude a daily habit since it includes 365 cards. Each day you can easily jot down daily notes about things you truly appreciate. 


4. Gnaw-some!

What better way to your clients' hearts than through their beloved dog?

Filled with bacon treats and a rope toy, the gingham biscuit tin is made of recycled metal, and the toy of recycled yarn.


5. Lost and Found

A misplaced wallet, keys, or phone will make your client late for a very important meeting. This Bluetooth tracker card with the free Orbit app will help them find it. Just press the button on the card and follow the ring.


6. I'll Drink to That

A stylish selection of 12-ounce covered stainless steel cups, in an assortment of colors, will keep hot things hot for three hours, cold things cold for nine hours. I have a similar product and it's with me all day long.

$23.00 to $25.00 each

7. Chillin' Gourmia

Frozen fruit goes in and out comes a nice silky sorbet. Oprah loves this dessert-maker since frozen berries and bananas equal zero Weight Watchers points. I say, add a shot of her fav Tequila (Blanco, $75 and Joven, $285) and you've got a winner.


8. Wrap It Up

You live in sunny California; your poor client lives in Minnesota. Send them this bright, ultra-light weight muffler filled with premium down (and a matching pouch) and you'll be friends forever.


9. The Good Hurt Fuego

Apparently, Beyoncé likes this one quite a bit. These seven hot sauces range from mild to hot, hot, hot, so they're designed to look like sticks of dynamite. On fire--just like you.


10. Put Your Money Where Your Hip Is

Not just any old wallet; this one converts into a cross-body bag. Vera Bradley has outdone herself. Drop in the Lost and Found Orbit card (No. 5 above) and there's no stopping this gift from giving.

$78.00 to $128.00

11. Cool It!

Take it from an expert: I used to own a coffeehouse and there's nothing like a properly prepared cold brew coffee. This coffee brewer holds 40 ounces and stays cold for 24 hours. Add your favorite flavor shot and some cream over ice, yum!


12. Cream of the Crop

The vintage-style packaging makes these a sweet gift for female clients. Oprah says they are are rich, quick absorbing, and deeply soothing. Four scents to choose from.


13. Eat Petite

It's a lunchbox. No, it's a modular food storage container! They've updated the superhero lunchbox look to a classy portion control (or food separating) box for people who like to pack a lunch or snack.


14. Organizing Principle

Your smartphone rings and you know it's going to be a long call. Nothing worse than trying to untangle those earbuds (if you can find it) with your phone tucked between your neck and shoulder. Organize earbuds and your charger cord now.

Charger cases, $16.00 each, and earbud cases, $10.00 each

15. Safe Haven

Huh? OK, it's a small padded travel bag for  jewelry, eyeglasses, chargers, and small toiletries. You can even add a monogram. Please, your client's initials, not your logo! Comes in lots of colors.


16. Pure and Simple

Shower gel, hand soap, and lotion developed by Gloria Williams, a.k.a. the Footnanny. Elegant packaging makes this a gift no woman would snub. I'd probably give this one to someone I know pretty well, as it's a bit personal. You know, what with the shower thing and all.


17. Room and Board

If your client likes to entertain they will love this wooden cheese board. They say the styling is reminiscent of 17th-century Dutch, although I wouldn't know.

Small server tray, $87.50, and large, $110.50

18. The Bee's Knees

Hawaiian-made honey in two eight-ounce jars packaged in a rustic wood gift box. It's organic and sourced from a remote forest. I doubt I'd know the difference, but honey from Hawaii is kind of a unique idea.


19. The Slice Is Right

These are oh-my-gosh good--I've had one. $40.00 for an apple pie sounds steep, but it's worth every decadent bite.

S'mores, classic apple, and Kerberry crumb pies in gift boxes, $39.00 to $42.00

20. The Art of the Meal

For the gourmet-loving, fish-eating client in your life, dinner is on you. Harbour Trading Co. ships its catch of the week, plus all the ingredients necessary for an amazing dinner for two or four, along with a QR code that leads to the fisherman's location, bio, and method. Red snapper for dinner anyone?

$60.00 to $100.00

21. Sharing Is Caring. 

An assortment of nutty chocolate chip, white chocolate candy cane pretzel, and gingerbread oatmeal raisin cookies. You could try baking your own, but this is so much easier.