You don't have x-ray vision, or the ability to throw fireballs into the stratosphere--but you do have at least one superpower. Your superpower is something you love to do; in fact, you're deeply passionate about it and it seems to come naturally for you. When you're engaged in your superpower activity, hours seem to fly by. Yet, you may believe that the skills and abilities that make your superpower so amazing are commonplace; almost to the point where you take them for granted and believe that just about anyone can do what you do.  

I speak and listen for a living, so I'm sure you can imagine that I've taken my superpowers for granted. Anyone can talk; anyone can listen--or so I thought. Eventually I learned that listening to the depth that's necessary to interpret words into an emotional and/or strategic language is not a common skill. To reframe, or give greater meaning to those words so they often touch the other person in a life-altering way, is certainly not something everyone can do. And to see the picture painted by those life-altering words in a landscape that reaches far beyond the sight line of the average eye, is simply not within everyone's capacity. It wasn't until I realized and fully embraced those facts that my business began to flourish and doors opened, one after the other. 

What's your greatest superpower? What is at the intersection of your passion, strengths, and  focus? To reach your highest potential in life and business you must live at this intersection--and never take what lies there for granted. Own your superpower! Here is the shortlist of things to watch for when you do.

1. Increased confidence.

Once you recognize and embrace the fact that your gifts are unique and valuable, you will see yourself in a different light, and so will everyone else. We often hear the term, fake it until you make it, but that only goes so far. It's not until you no longer have to fake your  confidence that people will really and truly buy into what you do and what you and your company stand for. Repeat after me: "My superpower is (blank) and it's amazing; not just anyone can do what I do."

2. A deeper, clearer why.

By now you know that a company built on the why: not the what, not the how, is a company that is sustainable and most likely to succeed. There is passion connected to your superpower and most likely it has very deep roots. Somewhere in those roots there is a why that identifies the deepest meaning and greatest vision for what you do in business. Once you know that, there's no stopping you.

3. More money.

When you do what you're best at and allow others (meaning  employees, partners, and contractors) to do the same, you'll gain a deeper focus. You won't be distracted and burdened by the things that aren't in your wheelhouse and, most importantly, you'll be happy. A happy, focused entrepreneur who has systems and processes in place is a successful entrepreneur.

4. The success magnet effect.

Once focus, confidence,  vision, and structure are in place, you will know exactly what you have to offer others, and what others can do for you. This is the time to build meaningful relationships based on giving on a more significant level. When people receive something of value, they usually want to give back. Even if the giving back doesn't come to you, it creates an environment of reciprocity. And when you are a part of that powerful, meaningful cycle it emanates success. You will attract other successful people and opportunities into your life like you never have before. 

5. More fun and joy.

There is nothing more fun for an entrepreneur than to see success blossoming as he or she confidently experiences one great opportunity after the other. To have the time, state of mind, and flexibility to enjoy leisure and play is icing on the cake. Owning your superpowers is the foundation for the freedom you seek and deserve.

What's your superpower? Claim it here!