Sometimes we can focus on our careers so much that we loose track of our health. However, research shows that workers who eat healthy meals and exercise regularly have better job performance and lower absenteeism, on average, than their less healthy colleagues. A Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) study found that professionals who eat healthy all day long are 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance. Even just eating five or more fruit and vegetable servings a few times a week was linked with a 20 percent productivity increase compared with employees who didn't eat as many fruits and vegetables.

The internet (and common sense) is rife with healthy eating tips. However, it seems that some people missed the memo on normal, healthy eating -- and still became highly successful businesspeople. Here are five titans of success whose strange eating habits didn't hinder (and possibly helped) them in achieving their fame and fortune.

1. Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet, the 84-year-old world-famous investor, says of his diet, "I eat like a six-year-old." Buffet drinks five cans of Coke a day -- both original and cherry. At this point in his life, he considers himself "one quarter Coca-Cola." Aside from the vast quantities of soda, Buffet also eats large quantities of Utz potato sticks. He even occasionally starts his day with nothing but a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. According to Buffet, he looked at some statistics and found that 6-year-olds have the lowest death rate of any age, so he decided to eat like one. The jury is still out on whether Buffet said this as a joke or in seriousness.

2. Henry Ford

The infamous Henry Ford did more than create the Model-T and revolutionize American industry -- he also ate strange foods. Ford's success in the automotive industry was due in part to his practice of thinking about cars constantly. Ford got so wrapped up in cars that he began to think of the human body as merely an engine -- something that simply needed raw materials for fuel. Instead of buying groceries, Ford would merely pick the weeds out of his garden and eat them -- either by themselves or made into a sandwich.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg may not have an ongoing strange diet, but he did take a foray into the apparent Fortune-500 club of strange eating habits in 2011. Zuckerberg made it his personal challenge that year to only eat animals that he killed himself. The young CEO slit a goat's throat, made stock with chicken feet, and cooked a pig he slaughtered himself.

4. Steve Jobs

Legendary Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs had a variety of odd dietary ideas. Jobs would often go long periods of time eating only one or two types of food, like apples or carrots. His weeks-long monogamous romance with carrots even turned his skin orange. Jobs would also fast for long periods of time, occasionally eat as a fruitarian (a more restrictive diet than veganism), and skip showers because he thought his diet eliminated his body odor (it didn't).

5. Howard Hughes

As one of the richest people of the 20th century, business magnate Howard Hughes was allowed some eccentricities. Even before Hughes devolved into a neurotic recluse, he was an ardent germaphobe. When it came to eating, he made sure that any spoon given to him was first wrapped in tissue paper sealed with cellophane. That protective wrapping, naturally, had to be protected as well, so it was further wrapped in tissue.

While these successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople indulge their strange ideas about nutrition, most highly successful people recognize the importance of a medically sound, common-sense-approved diet in order to keep themselves in top form and further the success of their careers. History's finest have done some strange things, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't make your health a priority!