When we choose the life of an entrepreneur it is not simply an intellectual decision; it is an intuitive, emotional choice. 

You feel it with all your heart and know that it is the life for you. Intuition: It's what got you here in the first place. So why do so many business owners reject the idea of tapping into that very same intuition to make decisions?

"When you follow your gut instincts you are putting something very natural to work," says intuitive consultant Sonia Choquette. "Your intuition will take you beyond the threshold to a place that reflects your most passionate interests and nature."  

Choquette travels the globe advising top business leaders, teaching them to follow their vibes.

Her clients know that should not be framed in the dark ages of the mind, but as one of the most fundamental, necessary, and natural sensory awareness that we possess in the modern world.  People who reject their intuition for a strictly linear mindset are basing decisions on only what they see and acknowledge through the other five senses. Choquette says that this is extremely limiting.

"By using intellect only, and not your innate wisdom, you are keeping yourself from the most powerful insights," she says.

This is demonstrated by nearly every modern leader in business, including the transformative, game-changing, paradigm-shifting genius known as Steve Jobs. His No. 1 rule of business was to trust your heart and gut. And Walt Disney believed that he could build on empire on a dancing mouse! This was not a linear decision. Disney knew this to be true from his gut; he had incredible intuition! 

We all have access to this kind of intuition, yes, even you.

Choquette sees it time and time again: Struggling business owners who don't tap into their intuition and trust their own vibes are rejected by potential investors, business partners, and clients.

"People will sense your limitations and hesitate to invest in you," she says. "If you want to be a creative leader take the intuitive plunge!"

But Choquette cautions that intuition should not be a reckless leap into the void. In her best-selling book, Trust Your Vibes at Work, Choquette writes that intuition works best on a well informed, solid foundation.

"Get your facts and turn them over to your intuitive percolator," she advises. "Make sure that your facts are accurate; do your homework." Choquette notes a common blind spot in entrepreneurs, "Their facts often come from hearsay," she says. "Do you have solid resources and role models? For instance, do you listen to the news and believe that there aren't enough customers or clients out there for you?"

Well, here's a fact that may change your mind: Apple had the most profitable year ever during what we call the biggest global recession of all times. It found a need and filled a gap. Choquette believes that there is never a limit of resources, only a limit of intuition and imagination.

The sky is the limit if you recognize and embrace your intuition. Choquette offers the following tips from her Sixth Sensory Virtual Training program to recognize and strengthen this powerful gift.

1. Be open-minded about your intuition. Invite intuition in as a part of your natural skill set. If intuition were a radio frequency, your mind is the radio; you have to turn it on to receive it.

2. Expect intuition to show up. Ask yourself what your heart and gut say in any given situation. Your heart is 5000 times energetically stronger than your brain. Place your hand on your heart and ask this question: given all of the information that I have acquired on this topic my heart says, (fill in the blank out loud). Listen patiently for the answer.

3. Feel the answer in own voice. Ask yourself, does that feel true? This question is designed to catch any error that you may have made in engaging your intuition. If you come up with I don't know, it's a clear indication that you are using your fear-based intellect and not activating your intuition. If this occurs go for a walk and pay attention to everything around you. Notice everything from the sounds to the small things that you rarely pay attention to. When you notice what is in front of you, you get out of your head and mind, freeing your intuition. Now go back to your question and answer as quickly as possible, don't let your brain get involved.

4. Follow and trust your vibes. Intuition is a natural gift, learn to believe in it and trust it.