As a small business owner, you may be tempted to push through the summer and keep your business open while sacrificing vacation time. "It'll pay off in the long run," you justify to yourself. However, not taking time off or working while you're on holiday may be detrimental to your business, leaving you overworked and stressed out. 

If money is one of the things holding you back from booking a flight now, consider the possible consequences of denying yourself any longer. I suggest to my clients that they view personal time away as an investment, rather than an expense. If equipment breaks down you either fix it or replace it, but it's not that simple if you experience a physical or emotional breakdown.

If you're hesitant about taking that long deserved break, consider the ways a vacation could benefit your business. Investing in your business is necessary, this is just one more way to do it.

1. Prevent Burnout

At times, running a business is hard, stressful work and after a long period without a real break the problems may seem insurmountable. Before experiencing a meltdown, opt for a stretch of relaxing time away instead. Though being at the helm of a successful business and taking vacations may seem counterintuitive, the two are actually interrelated and cohesive. It's easy to stretch yourself thin as a business owner, but it will wreak havoc on your wellbeing in the long run.  

2. Get inspiration

Taking a trip, whether the location is exotic or familiar, is necessary to strengthen one's imagination and give your brain a break from the daily grind. The best ideas form when we are relaxed, allowing the mind to do its job without the stress and pressure that we tend to burden it with each day. Inspiration comes from all different places, especially when you're not searching for it. You'll just have to leave the micro managing at home; be wholly present and fully experience your holiday--you deserve to reap the benefits and rewards of your hard work.

 3. Improve Employer/Employee Relationships

As much as your employees love you, they also need a break from you. Allowing your team to run the business helps them prove to you, and themselves, what they're capable of.  As difficult as it may seem, leave them to their jobs without trying to take control from afar. This will improve the relationship between you and your employees because they will feel respected and trusted as you release the need to oversee their every move. 

4. Increase Productivity

After a much-needed vacation, you'll feel properly refreshed and ready to hit the ground running when you return to the office. You'll be eager to get back to work and welcomed back by employees gung-ho on sharing their progress with you. While the importance of giving your brain a break is much overlooked, a long stretch of idle thoughts will leave you craving the high that entrepreneurs get from being in the lead. 

Now you have one more task to do this week, but it's a pleasant one. Go ahead, get online and schedule your getaway. As a coach, I love offering accountability so share your destination with us here!