To me, the word 'solo' conjures up images of a hang glider enjoying the solitude and beauty of a solo flight; or a gifted musician on stage performing solo before appreciative fans. Both are strong, independent people with a passion for living in the moment and a drive to live their greatest dream - in spite of their deepest fears. If you think about it, doesn't that describe the spirit of an entrepreneur as well? 

Yet, for many solopreneurs the word 'solo' translates to loneliness, living with the burden of decision-making, uncertainty, and sleepless nights. Well, I have good news: all of that can change.

Remember, there's no one perfect solution, everyone has different needs and circumstances. Toy with these ideas and your own. Curbing isolation will take the stress off and bring the joy back into your business life.

1. Join networking and social groups. A weekly meeting offers camaraderie, resources, and a boost to your professionalism. It helps to make you feel more like a business owner and less like a hermit.

2. Spend time working outside of your home: a local coffeehouse, library, park, or at the home of another solopreneur. Being in a public place can also spark your creativity and help you to feel like a part of the community.

3. Get help with the kids: Don't try to be the full time childcare provider AND run a full time business. You are setting yourself up to fail. Either accept that your business is a part time operation (for now) or arrange for child care for some part of the week. You AND your children will be much happier. The stress of multi-tasking your parenting duties and work will elevate your feelings of aloneness.

4. Create an Advisory Board: It doesn't matter that your business is small, you will still benefit from the well-rounded expertise of an Advisory Board. Choose 3-5 people who are experts in marketing, sales, product development, finance etcetera and consult with them as a group on a quarterly basis.

5. Build a social network: While it's almost too easy to get lost in social media, these sites are valuable tools in building your network and creating friendships. Occasionally touching base in the virtual world helps ward off that lonely feeling AND will help you to grow your business.

6. Create balance! If you're taking care of the kids by day and working by night, there's no time for relationships and socialization. Get out one night (or day) a week. Call a friend or have a date night with your significant other. Make sure to create conversations around things other than business and kids. When you talk about things like hobbies, vacations, and other interests, it will bring a sense of 'togetherness' help you to feel more balance.

7. Always dress for work: Working in your PJ's may seem novel at first, but can escalate those feelings of 'aloneness.' It's amazing how feeling good about your physical self can change your state and help you feel more professional and ready for the world.

8. Take regular breaks and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! I take myself for a power-walk or a nice lunch (even a picnic) at least 3 times a week. You'll be amazed by the energizing effect of this outing.

9. Find other solopreneurs and brainstorm with them. I have several friends who also own their own business and our conversations raise our energy levels, renew the passion and spark new ideas.

10. Get Coached: Of course, I always recommend coaching as well. When I started my first business I hired a business coach. It not only took the pressure off, it confirmed my choices, affirmed my purpose, but I felt less alone in my decision making. Coaching also brings accountability into the picture; something many solopreneurs lack.

How do you avoid or take the edge off of loneliness? Share your insights here!