There is no shortage of great ideas, only a shortage of visionaries who can actually make them happen. Most visionaries are simply not programmed to execute the how, but to gather the right people and inspire them to make it happen. Remember this: there are few people on this planet with the combined skills, wisdom, and knowledge to do it all. It's rare to find a truly visionary leader who excels at both vision and execution. So if you are a why person, you need to surround yourself with how people.

Here are a few powerful steps to build the launchpad for your vision.

Learn to articulate your 'Why'

When I ask people why their mission is important and viable they go on and on (and on) about it. There is no denying their passion. What they typically cannot do is express it succinctly and convincingly. To attract partners, awesome employees, investors, and customers, you must be able to spread your passion--the 'Why' behind your mission--to the point of making it contagious. People don't care what you do, they care about why you do it.

Write out all of the reasons that your vision is important. For each reason, ask: Why? Keep drilling down. Why do you care, why is it important, why should anyone else care? And when you think you've got the answers, ask again--why? When you've really got it you will feel it to the very core of your being.

Find other believers

Stop beating yourself up for getting in too deep or not deep enough. You are not intended to be the person who executes every detail. Begin by getting the tedious stuff off your desk: hire an assistant, a coder, or someone with whatever skill set is needed to free you from the things you shouldn't be doing. To make it easier on the budget, begin with freelancers.

When you've carved out enough time to concentrate on the things relevant to revenue growth, you will be able to afford awesome employees and attract the right partners. To successfully scale you must make sure that everyone who's on board is there for the right reason: They believe in your mission.

Give them the tools and inspiration

As you grow your team, you may find it difficult to not micromanage them. Instead, inspire and empower them with the tools, knowledge, and motivation to get the job done. Get clear on the values that support your mission and bring them into the business to develop a culture that supports your Why.

I once had a client whose mission was to make it possible for parents to stay at home and raise their children while sustaining a comfortable lifestyle. She had a great platform for her vision but she had a problem: She didn't trust her own virtual employees. She feared that they would take advantage of her because she couldn't keep an eye on them. This lack of trust was palpable. Your Why must be reflected in your own culture--anything else will limit or prevent growth.

Build your emotional intelligence toolbox

As you add employees, seek partnerships, and engage with customers, you will be met by challenges and objections. Because you are emotionally connected to your mission, it is easy to take these things personally, but this behavior will quickly alienate others. Instead, anticipate every possible objection and know how to calmly articulate the responses that support your decisions and ideas. Also validate the concerns and ideas brought to you by others and recognize that many of them may worth taking into consideration.

To build a powerful toolbox, learn how people with different personalities and learning styles operate. Some may drive you crazy, but if you understand them you'll be able to bridge the communication gap. There are many resources, from books to assessment tools to classes. For starters, check out