Holiday shopping looms large for American consumers. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and almost all of December are key selling periods for consumers and hopeful brands. This post offers a turkey-leg-up for consumer brands by tapping Facebook advertising to target active, in-market shoppers - aka purchase intenders.

If you haven't yet purposefully tried Facebook to sell, you're missing out. Facebook Ads' raw  psychographic targeting power makes it possible to inject focused ads directly in the feeds of people intent on making actual purchases.

From a social marketing perspective, Facebook targeting provides an astonishing array of preset purchase-intent targeting options, spread sweetly across consumer product spaces. From children's cereal and baking products to satellite TV and debit card subscription services, there's a cornucopia of yummy holiday targeting treats to help sell your stuff via Facebook.

Consumer purchase-intent Facebook targeting presets are divided into understandable general categories:

  • Clothing
  • Engaged Shoppers 
  • Food and drink
  • Health and beauty
  • Home and garden
  • Household products
  • Kid products
  • Pet products
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Store types
  • Subscription services
  • Technology

Each category has deep subcategories that zoom in on consumer segments. For example, the sports and outdoors category expands to specific subcategories for specific interests such as cycling, fishing, fitness, golf and tennis, hunting and other attributes that yield deeper audience psychographic insight. 

There are additional goodies to stoke holiday sales targeting glee. The purchase intent presets include preferred store types to find those who like shopping in department stores, discount stores, high-end retail, bargain hunters and even self-described "gift shoppers."  

Facebook provides even greater insight into the psychographic profile of potential customers to peg people who identify as coupon buyers, DIY'ers, foodies, fashionistas, gadget enthusiasts, gamers, skiers, sportsmen and spa enthusiasts, to name a few.

Facebook even offers a preset target for people identified as "engaged shoppers," specifically those who have clicked on a "shop now" call-to-action button within the last week. Ho! Ho! Ho!

The diversity of targeting is fabulous, especially considering an advertiser's ability to layer targeting. Layered targeting is simply selecting more than one attribute in the targeting tool to be even more precise about who sees your ad in their Facebook feed.  

Here is an example detailing how a high-end men's clothier could target hot prospects in Facebook's targeting tool, mashing several purchase intent layers with relationship status and income:

  1. Purchase behavior - select the layer "men's fashion & apparel buyers"
  2. Demographics - select an income range for higher income individuals
  3. Demographics - choose the additional layer "interested in men"
  4. Relationship status - those listed as "engaged" or "in a relationship" likely want their significant other to look sharp
  5. Behaviors - choose "engaged shoppers" - remember, these buyers have clicked "shop now" on a Facebook ad in the last week

The simple steps above will immediately reveal thousands of well-to-do shoppers in relationships, with a zeal for men's fashion and a propensity to go directly to purchase.  

Facebook advertising can be a goldmine for brands, particularly when purchase intent is at its zenith (hint -holiday shopping). Smart marketers maximize the targeting through Facebook ads by directing users to powerful landing pages and amplifying content that converts visitor to buyer. Give it a shot. Spread some holiday cheer. Sell more stuff.