Slamming Facebook is all the rage right now, to the point some brands speak of abandoning it as an ad platform.  Snooze... We've been dealing with naysayers for a decade. Our agency says, "Fabulous, more Facebook Ads for our clients!" Setting aside Facebook's phenomenal targeting and previously incomprehensible reach, the channel has revolutionized marketing across every channel.  

While Facebook fumbles around in its current PR nightmare, smart entrepreneurs and marketers are avoiding distraction and mining great opportunity. The platform gives large and small brands great opportunity to tap the unique branding power of really inexpensive social media video views. Executed well, entrepreneurs can change mindsets among customers and prospects and get them to start actively seeking the brand via Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

The payoff may seem complicated at first, but it really is simple at its core. Read on.  

Broadcast like a TV station to your audience direct on social media.

Social media is allowing smart businesses, regardless of size, to tap the power of social media video. We've seen case study after case study that proves a "Broadcast like a TV station" mindset for social media channels can eclipse other channel tactics in frequency and budget.   

Put simply, innovative businesses are running social media videos first, followed by Google search ads re-targeted only to curated social video viewers.  

Low-cost branding.

The cost of putting video into the social feeds of the right audiences has come way down, in some cases to a tiny fraction of what it cost a few years ago. Facebook social video views can be had for as low as $0.01 each. Facebook and other channels also offer marketers options that allow users to simply watch the video, or they can watch and then click directly to a specific webpage or blog post. The cost of site clicks has also shown dramatic cost reductions. Depending on targeting competitiveness, external clicks can cost as little as $0.30, which is an exceptional value for such focused traffic.

Second, sharing repetitive, cleverly branded Facebook Ads into audience populations results in more people searching for brands on Google. We've proven this construct time and again over the last decade. The same brand search phenomenon happens after Super Bowl TV commercials, political speeches, news and other societal events.

When brands saturate social video distribution to a population, a percentage of users begin searching Google and Bing for the brand and its products. Keep in mind Google searches are an indicator of active interest.

Brand-specific keyword searches are priceless, in part, because they allow companies to defend their marks, such as logos and words. Here's why: competitors can pay for search ads against non-brand keywords, such as "vacation rental Memphis." But only Airbnb can pay for display ads that say, "Airbnb," which is a protected mark. Competitors cannot use your protected words or images in any ads.

Brand-specific terms are often less competitive in the Google/Bing keyword auctions, making them less expensive. You want the audience searching for your brand. Moreover, the social video phenomena is not limited to Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube can be fertile.

So, think back to that $0.01 video view in Facebook to tie this all together:

  1. Super inexpensive video views cause more people to search for your brand in Google and Bing. It's basic top-of-funnel branding -- getting people to know who you are.
  2. It's cheaper for you to run brand-specific search terms in Google.
  3. Customers and prospects hit up Google or Bing when they are poised to act. They are at the bottom of the funnel and you want to convert them. Game, set, match. 

Drive value beyond the brand.

High value Facebook video ads have other tangible and intangible effects. Here are examples we've seen in case studies recently at Aimclear:

  • Close rate lift for inside sales reps contacting users who have been softened up with repetitive social video ads
  • Inbound phone inquiries from motivated customers and/or vendors
  • Applications for employment
  • Reviews, media coverage, links, blog posts about, interview requests and other PR/Search Engine Optimization KPIs
  • Comments, sharing, and another peer-to-peer engagement indicators
  • More influencers picking up brand content and running with it
  • Google organic (free SEO) results

Even cooler, results often come blended, meaning it's not either/or. You may get foot traffic and more brand search, or SEO results plus close rate lift.  How magical is that?

While everyone fixates on bashing Facebook for its recent PR nightmare (thanks, Cambridge Analytica), look past the hysteria to nab the real value of the platform. Super cheap branding. Amazing, ethical targeting capabilities. Crossover savings and effectiveness in that other super-powerful online platform -- Google.

Your customers are in those channels. Reaching them is key.