Building a business, be professional...or so conventional wisdom dictates.

But what happens when the world's turned upside down? Can creative personality and actually being different become a kick ass company advantage?

Battling Big Businesses

Until recently it was virtually impossible to compete with corporations. The product development, startup costs and marketing monies needed to make it happen were beyond the reach of simple startups...venture backing was a must to even stand a chance.

But...with the proliferation of the internet, the spread of information and the easily accessible, open world economy, the once impossible doors are now being thrust open.

Not only are innovators more empowered than ever to create, consumers are likewise reaping the benefits of unparalleled options.

Big business and brand names are no longer the only game in town.

Empowered Customers Empower Startups

We all love a great underdog story, the David vs Goliath saga that captivates us to the bitter end. But why? What draws us in?

Ultimately we see ourselves as the hero, the underdog fighting and prevailing against all odds.

It's just easier to relate with David than Goliath.

The same can be said of business.

Customers are increasingly aligning themselves with startups, companies with which they can connect, engage and become part of the story.

This is the TRUE power of crowdfunding and why it's revolutionizing the world of commerce.

Customer's can quite literally become part of the brand, they see themselves in the founders shoes.

Personality + Product = Profit

While theory's great, let's take a more practical approach.

One such startup which nailed the nuisanced strategy of connecting with customers is MOUSR. MOUSR, a simple company creating the coolest robotic cat toy known to man made great strides in selling themselves...likely without even realizing it.

The feline loving founders crushed their Kickstarter campaign with an awesome product and an extremely passionate, overwhelmingly personal pitch.

What did they do which was so groundbreaking you may ask?

They journied step-by-step through their startup's story, sharing the mission, absolute authenticity and showcasing pure passion for their pets that cat owners completely connected with.

Watch the video. It's impossible not to see yourself in their shoes, not want them to succeed.

They effectively added you, both heart and soul, to the startup and you're now emotionally invested in their success.

Emotional Investments = Brand Building Success

If you're going to take anything away from this article, let it be that. To build a long lasting, profitable brand you NEED backers, buyers and loyal customers completely engaged with your mission.

Some companies do this incredible well. Apple addicts line the streets for a launch, yet most miss the mark completely.

But you see, Jobs realized it. He put himself and his everything 100% into the Apple brand...and well, it certainly seems to have to worked for him.

So always keep that in mind. With customers constantly getting better access to businesses, markets and products, what makes you and your startup stand above the rest?

For MOUSR it was the magic of unquenchably, unquantifiably incredible love for cats.

What's it for you?