The internet age of innovation is upon us. The once unthinkable possibilities of complete connectedness, artificial intelligence and futuristic human upgrades are happening before our very eyes.

The year is 2015, the engine of innovation is crowdfunding and the possibilities are endless.

Humanity Going Forward

Today a bloodless revolution's being waged for the future. Crowdfunded companies and venture backed startups are doing battle, fighting to create the gamechanging, life altering products and devices which will own and define the future.

To tempt fate, to try to predict the future...this seems futile at best.

Instead look to the past. Just a decade ago, what was crowdfunding? There was no Kickstarter, no Indiegogo--nothing.

Today's Era of Innovation

Fast forward to today, barely five years after its inception and it's conquering the world. The new Pebble Smartwatch already on pace to crush Kickstarter records, Oculus' incredible $2 billion dollar exit and hundreds of other startup success stories--more every day.

Crowdfunding's catapulting creation into the 21st century. It's the way of innovation, the evolution of the lean startup and it's just started.

To Infinity and...

Here at Inc, March is a month of innovation, inspiration and forward thinking. It's a time to dream big, dream bold and imagine the unimaginable future of tomorrow.

In hindsight though this seems silly, ignorant even because humanity is infinitely diverse. Every individual on this planet has something amazing to offer, a different perspective.

But in the past this was almost irrelevant--only the educated, privileged few ever had the opportunity to create. Today this inequity's being turned on its head. With the internet and access to information spreading the seeds of creativity and capitalist creations, the power is literally in the hands of the people.

So what's that all mean? It's time to expect the unexpected, expect an era of innovation and creativity unrivaled by any other throughout human history--evolution already accelerating, it's unstoppable.

So what will 2020 hold for the citizens of the world--who knows. The only thing I know is that nothing, and yes I do mean nothing would surprise me--humanity's kinda creative.