Crowdfunding success comes down to four things: the product, the pitch, the marketing and the video and only by crushing each can a campaign truly shine and rocket through the rankings.

One such startup doing just that is BomberBarrel. I recently sat down with Vince Ng, the CEO, founder, and experienced designer behind the company and was floored by the incredible job the team was doing to drive the campaign. Having already raised in excess of $350k, over 2300% of their original goals, it makes sense to study what they did and learn the strategies of Kickstarter killers.

Targeting your Targets

The first thing to keep in mind with any venture is your target customer. Who's going to be interested, excited and willing to become early adopters of your brand?

For most businesses early on this is all that matters. Customer research and market validation make up countless hours, endless interviews and the majority of your initial startup efforts.

BomberBarrel however broke the rules. These guys gave less to the lean startup and instead scratched a personal itch to perfection. The trendy professional, these San Fran based designers sold themselves as the ideal customers. They created a brand around their own ideals, ideas and needs.

Because this is Kickstarter, a place where forward thinking hipsters and design oriented dreamers congregate, it actually worked.

For a company like BomberBarrel creating common consumer goods there's always an enormous challenge. How do you stand out? Customers crave uniqueness and Kickstarter crushes all but the most innovative and exciting products. So how did a simple sports duffel dominate?

Branding, branding and badass video branding hold the key.

Take a minute. Experience exquisite story and envelope yourself in BomberBarrel's reality.

Stylish. Sophisticated....Straight up Awesome.

This is the identity BomberBarrel is building for themselves. As you watch the video, peruse the campaign and explore all the company has to offer you can't help but feel inspired.

Sell a Story. Sell a Style.

The bag is literally calling you to become a better version of yourself. Be an Explorer. Be Inspired. Be Adventurous. The startups speaking on a deeply emotional level to what it means to be a man, what it means to be human. In the modern era where men are chained to society, chained to an unexciting office environment and restricted from the freedoms of old, BomberBarrel is offering an emotional escape.

Be Sophisticated. Be Elegant. Be Refined. BomberBarrel's clearly the key to unlocking this in yourself, or so it seems. From finding yourself, elevating your standards and unparalleled levels of success it's important to play to the aspirations of your backers. We all seek approval, success, and self-validation in our careers, relationships and everyday lives.

This is something startups everywhere, especially crowdfunding creators can learn from. How's your product improve people's lives? What emotional needs, both real and imagined can you satisfy? These are the benefit. These sell your product, sell your vision and build the backers for life that sustainable, long term success demands.

The Entire Experience

Go above beyond the expectations of end users. Create an all-encompassing brand experience backers get behind.

BomberBarrel did this. They maintained the classy, cool and adventurous brand identity throughout the entire campaign. Despite their infancy and relative anonymity they presented a compelling and consistent experience to the world. With a clear focus on style, sophistication and aesthetic design they pulled in like-minded backers and built an audience. They captivated with elegant pictures, pristine videos and even consistent coloring, typography and layouts which sealed the deal and appealed entirely to their target backer base.

So what can you learn? Be genuine, be authentic in your branding and messaging to the world and bold early adopters everywhere will join you in your mission...they certainly did for BomberBarrel.