Have you ever seen a successful software-only campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Odds are you haven't.

...okay maybe one, but you had to think pretty hard about it didn't you? Why is that exactly?

Today we're going to explain exactly why software startups struggle on Kickstarter despite seeing such great success everywhere else.

What's the purpose of crowdfunding?

Originally--back in the beginning both Kickstarter and Indiegogo started to empower creatives. They were platforms primed for artists, designers, filmmakers and photographers to showcase their works to the world, a world that had shunned their endeavors and made the creative life incredibly difficult to sustain.

In a sense it was about starting something meaningful.

Since then crowdfunding's evolved, it has become much more product and pre-sales focused. Despite this though its roots remain, users believe in empowering inventors, innovators and creators to do awe-inspiring things--things that could never exist otherwise.

Thing is -

Software Startups Don't Need Money

If you're a programmer, you're probably pissed right now.

Hold your horses...just wait just a sec.

Here's the difference, the true difference between physical products and software. It's the reason software companies get VC funding while hardware companies struggle and it all comes down to money.

Software's all about time. Take an incredibly gifted coder and you can create ANYTHING given enough time and motivation.

There's no startup cost whatsoever, it's all sweat equity.

Contrast that with product based businesses. These guys need manufacturing, materials, molds, labor...the list goes on and on.

There is a real, tangible amount of resources needed for product success. That doesn't exist for software.

And crowdfunding's all about helping to create things--things that could never exist otherwise.

So as a dev are your creative crowdfunding aspirations ultimately dashed....?

Build Software and Crowdfund It Anyway

But wait--before we go further I've got a question for you...is Apple a hardware or a software company?


That's what you need to know. For software startups it just takes a bit more finesse, a physical product to accompany and complement your coding prowess.

That's what the majority of hardware startups are all about. They're not the creating bland, boring products of the past but defining the future as the Internet of Things encompasses all of us.

Wearable tech, wireless headphones, an army of superb smartwatches...these creations are coming daily to Kickstarter and Indiegogo as skilled makers and accomplished programmers team up and triumph. Here's dozens of examples.

So maybe, just maybe that's the answer for you.

Got a strong background in computer science? Been programming PCs since you were a kid? Find a way to fuel your skills into a super sexy product and you'll find a fully receptive audience waiting to eat it up.

Heck, even if product design puts you through a loop, inventors and entrepreneurs are ALWAYS looking for experienced technical cofounders to help create amazing.

So yeah, you can still kick it with crowdfunding.