It's like a shiny Christmas present glistening under the pine needles so large that you have no idea what's held inside, but it's very presence makes you feel more excited about life.

However, many great artists and passionate people find themselves lacking the inspiration to continue sharing their gifts with the world. People often fail to inquire into the cause of their mediocre motivation and then allow their period of latency to continue.

Others become increasingly frustrated with their lack of enthusiasm, and in their anger, end up making the problem worse than before. Instead of falling into the trap of either allowing your lack of vitality to continue and or making it worse, challenge yourself to discover the cause and then take action.

Here are ten surprising reasons you're constantly uninspired:

1. You give more energy than you receive and there's nothing left in your gas tank.

When you constantly expend energy without stopping to refuel, chances are high that you're going to get stuck prior to reaching your destination. There's no need to wait until a wheel falls off to ask for help--especially when you're the one driving.

2. You're spinning your wheels by focusing your energy on things that you cannot control.

When you fight things that you don't have control over, you're feeding your demons. Stop pretending that you are an all-powerful being and start changing your thoughts and behaviors.

3. You're looking to receive motivation from without instead of igniting the fire within.

Searching for intrinsic factors outside of yourself is a form of disempowerment. Instead of giving away your power, plug into yourself and recharge your batteries to increase your inspiration.

4. You have unhealthy boundaries that lead to emotional disorganization.

When you lack the ability to say no to others, you're signing yourself up for an emotional rollercoaster that's difficult to escape. Process your emotions with a professional, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and start feeling more grounded.

5. You think you're an expert but haven't put in the time needed to master your craft.

You need to refine your abilities before you complain about your lack of execution. Take the time to learn more about your craft--chances are you'll discover new techniques, insights, and ways to solve problems, all while gaining inspiration.

6. You are steering yourself in circles because you're avoiding deeper issues.

Being frustrated with your lack of inspiration instead of addressing painful emotional experiences is a short term solution that prevents long term success. Don't get caught in the trap--be proactive instead of reactive, and start taking control of your life.

7. You're blaming others for your current circumstances and not taking responsibility for your life.

When you fail to hold yourself accountable, it becomes far easier to blame others for your problems. Stop pointing the finger at others and start acknowledging the agency you have in creating your life. Appreciate the fact that you are the author to your own story, and start writing something you'd like to read.

8. You are so focused on building a future that you're denying yourself from enjoying the present.

Creativity and inspiration comes from full engagement in the here and now. When you focus on a future to such an extent that it prevents enjoyment of the present, you're stepping on the hose of your inspiration. It's time to remove the kink and let the inspiration flow.

9. You are fixated on the past instead of being fully immersed in the present moment.

Ruminating prevents you from practicing the non-attachment mentality that's needed to make use of the only time you can control--right now. Take life one moment at a time and take the plunge when you feel motivated, because you never know when you'll feel the spark of inspiration next.

10. You have no idea what you find inspirational, because you don't truly know yourself.

Most people skate through life liking what they've been told to like and buying things they don't need to impress people they don't like. Stop being a machine and start living consciously by committing to the never-ending journey of self-improvement.

Learning about yourself is a life long process.

What inspires you yesterday may not be what inspires you today, so appreciate the gift of the present, and make the most out of each opportunity.