Older generations throw a lot of shade at Millenials and overlook the way Millenials are transforming the world for the better.

They say that Millenials are entitled because we received participation trophies, but if you want to point fingers, blaming toddlers for the values they inherited seems a lot saying, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." See, we 20-somethings grew up with adults lying to us to evade responsibility.

Millenials are a product of what came before and a lot more than that. We 20-somethings face a lot of social pressures, not the least of which is fixing the economy, climate, and the political atmosphere that previous generations ruined.

We are in a unique time in history, and we've learned several things that give us advantages over the elder generations.

Here are 13 ways that Millenials that are transforming the world:

1. Dedication to the local and digital community.

20-somethings are raising global and local consciousness through engagement with their community.

Using tools like social media to highlight local issues, Millenials are involved and spreading information to other communities so that they can create positive change in their surroundings.

2. Knowing that actions matter more than words.

Many things that we were told as children didn't end up being true - going to college isn't a necessity and it doesn't guarantee job security like it used to.

Our generation learned that we have to take action - we need to protest the status quo if we want lasting change, and we don't want to waste our time on activities that don't add values to our lives.

3. Believing that self-expression is a necessity.

Selfies may look selfish, but 20-somethings were the first age group to have immediate and easy access to the internet--a place where we could invent a new self-image. As technology became integrated into our lives, we discovered new possibilities for self-expression and connecting to people around the world.

4. Improving research.

Unlike older generations, Millenals learned how to utilize Google to learn anything and everything. Instead of attempting to memorize information that's freely available, 20-somethings have perfected the ability to learn new data in a few short clicks.

5. Believing is love free of judgment.

Millenails understand love and don't allow their own biases to place restrictions on other people. 20-somethings have sex prior to marriage, split household chores, encourage women to work, and want the LGBTQ community to have the same rights as straight couples.

6. Recognizing that connecting and disconnecting is important.

Millenials are a sandwich generation that acknowledges the importance of being connected and has the autonomy needed to unplug and recharge--something that the generation after us or following lacks.

7. Appreciating the gift of portable music.

20-somethings were around when there were things called cassette players, then saw the evolution of cool-looking portable CD players, then experienced the magic of mp3 files, then finally enjoyed the iPod and the free music of LimeWire before it corrupted your entire family's home computer.

8. Improving the entrepreneurial spirit.

Millenials recognize that being an entrepreneur is a mindset, not just a role. Having mastered the art of personal branding, 20-somethings are creating new streams of revenue and developing products that are having an immediate and lasting impact on the world.

9. Shifting the focus away from television.

Older generations were glued to the television, but Millenials know that the computer in their hands leads to quicker gratification and better quality shows on the move. We place less importance on the television and cable than any preceding generation, and are responsible for the streaming innovation.

10. Making an impact in elections.

Millenials are responsible for the massive transmission of information on social media during election season.

20-somethings spread knowledge that creates dialog and challenges older family members to recognize the importance of social issues. These young-adults create the passion and grass root campaigns that shape political discourse.

11. Mastering the personal brand.

In middle and high school, Millenials started learning the art of personal branding, but back then, they just called them Xanga, Myspace, and eventually Facebook.

20-somethings are the first generation to master the craft of creating brand awareness, which is one reason so many entrepreneurs are pioneering diverse industries.

12. Being very health conscious.

Where did all of the vegans, vegetarians, and gluten free friends come from? That's right, Millenials are thinking about the impact of food on their bodies, the environment, and the livestock.

20-somethings are one of the most health-conscious generations because they grew up with excessive amounts of sugars that resulted in the so-called obesity epidemic. Thanks mom and dad.

13. Knowing that money isn't the only measure of success.

While Millenials know that money is important, most don't believe that it's the only way to measure success.

Due to the troubled economy in our young adulthood, many 20-somethings were forced to learn that there's more to life than making big purchases.

With all of these positive traits, Millenials will continue changing the world for a long time coming. The only question is when we'll start acknowledging and celebrating their accomplishments.