Driven and ambitious, most entrepreneurs work their butts off to make something special out of their lives. On some level, we all think that the purpose of life is to become the hero--the center of attention. What most of us don't realize is that we want to become special and powerful to avoid thinking about the fact that we're all going to die and we have no idea when.

This article will point out brutal truths that entrepreneurs don't want to admit about themselves. The purpose of looking in the mirror and confronting aspects of yourself that you don't typically investigate is to provide you with the courage to build a meaningful life free of illusion and self-deception.

Here are 15 brutal truths about entrepreneurship that no one wants to admit.

1. You're building a business to avoid the fact that you are going to die and you have no idea when.

We're all afraid of death, but especially Gen-Xers. Middle adulthood is the peak of death anxiety, according to science.

2. Your desire to make a lasting impact on the world is actually an infantile fantasy of creating life after death.

Yep, the truth is--you'd do anything to pretend that you get to keep on living after you die. Whether you want to build three generations worth of wealth, establish a fantastic business, or cement your legacy, all that does is provide the illusion that you're still alive.

3. Building your personal brand is really an attempt to receive validation from others that your parents never gave you.

Did you think it was a coincidence that building your personal brand is like giving the middle finger to adults everywhere? No Dad, I don't have to work at the same company my whole life.

4. Your obsessive work ethic is a way to block out uncomfortable feelings that you don't want to deal with.

Some people avoid painful feelings by getting drunk. Others hide their feelings buy burying themselves in their work--you're the latter.

5. Despite your confident presentation, you're terrified that everyone is better, faster, and smarter than you.

Yeah your Instagram game is strong, but we all know that behind that filter is someone terrified of being exposed.

6. Your excessive focus on your end-goal instead of the journey will lead you to successes that feel empty and unsatisfying.

Ask any successful, seasoned entrepreneur with decent self-awareness--if all you focus on is the result and not the process, it will come back to bite you.

7. Your fear of public failure shows that your self-esteem is dependent upon the opinions of others.

Why do walk around pretending you don't care about what others think when you literally spend all of your time trying to control how people see you?

8. As soon as you achieve your goals, no matter how big, it will never be good enough to fill the void in your heart.

Achievements are irrelevant without inner work.

9. You want to be a thought leader to have others ask your opinion because your thoughts weren't valued in childhood.

This is your way of grabbing the speakerphone and finally feeling heard.

10. Your feelings of insecurity are what prompt you make too many decisions too quickly--a strategy doomed for failure.

Chill out, meditate, and see a therapist. That's not an insult--it's a recipe for personal growth.

11. As you achieve your goals, you know deep down that your responsibilities will increase, leaving less and less time for friends and family members.

When you keep telling your loved ones that one day it'll get better--you have to pause and think about who you're really trying to convince.

12. You burn yourself into the ground because you're afraid that you don't have enough time to become successful.

Take the time to define what success means to you and stop being so one-dimensional.

13. Your thirst for materialistic success is entrenched in who you are because society values what you achieve more than who you really are.

The sad reality is that no-one cares about the man behind the mask.

14. The anxiety you feel in the pit of your stomach isn't about profit, it's the subtle awareness that death will wipe away all of your achievements.

And it will. So find live according to your values and find something meaningful to do with your time.

15. The real reason you want to be on your own is because you have authority issues stemming from your parents.

Obviously, you want to show the world you matter because you feel like you never mattered to the world. When you're your own boss no one can tell you that you're wrong.

Fitting or far-fetched, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and reflecting on deeper aspects of your experience is an important part of building a meaningful life.