Entrepreneurs are the rock stars of the modern era.

Pioneering new business ventures and building tech start-ups is the contemporary equivalent of tight leather pants, big hair, and sold-out concerts of the 1980s. Even if you disagree with the idea that Gary Vaynerchuk shouting into an iPhone resembles Steven Tyler screaming into a microphone, you have to admit that our culture loves entrepreneurs.

The only problem with the mainstreaming of entrepreneurs through television and social media is that bad habits begin to circulate. Young and ambitious learners adopt traits that they see published by their favorite visible entrepreneurs rather than the behind-the-scenes work that pushed those individuals into the spotlight. That's the modern equivalent of thinking that dressing and talking like a rock star is good enough to go on an international tour.

News flash: there's more to entrepreneurship than fitting the image you see online. Read the list below to learn what things you need to stop doing so that you can become successful.

Here are 16 things all entrepreneurs should stop doing.

1. Glorifying over-working themselves.

Yes, a consistent level of high work ethic is a job requirement, but balance is necessary for long-term success. Running from your feelings by over-working yourself isn't healthy, it's a defense mechanism.

2. Ignoring their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Entrepreneurs suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, and depression more than the average person. Stop hiding and start investing in yourself by meeting with therapists or life coaches.

3. Thinking that they're the center of everything.

Believe it or not, you don't have to build a massive personal brand to run a successful company.

4. Judging and condemning 9-5ers.

Just because you beat to a different drum doesn't mean that you are, by that alone, better or worse than people who enjoy a different pace. Check your ego.

5. Using buzzwords to bolster self-esteem.

Growth hacking, monetization, data mining, big data, influencer marketing. Boom! I'm the Uber of life coaches.

6. Raise money rather than generating revenue.

GoFundMe accounts are cool, but steady revenue is how you build wealth and prove your value.

7. Eliminating all down-time.

Maximum productivity is a byproduct of full engagement in each moment. Downtime is necessary to re-energize, strategize, and self-regulate.

8. Living a chaotic and inconsistent schedule.

Inconsistency is not sustainable. Build a routine that works for you so that you can master your life.

9. Saying yes to everyone and everything.

Learning how to say no is an invaluable skill. Simplicity is velocity.

10. Fixating on the end destination and not enjoying the climb.

You want to attain success, but once you do, you'll have your eyes set on something bigger. If you can't enjoy the process as much as the outcome, you'll miss out on life.

11. Not keeping track of the important lessons they're learning early in the process.

Take notes. Create the blueprint for success so that you can continue refining it and then share it with the world.

12. Worshiping the idea of entrepreneurship without stomaching the ups and downs.

Being responsible for generating enough revenue to pay for your employees and yourself in an unstable market isn't for everyone--you need to appreciate the difficulty and decide if this is really the life you want. It's not all flashy watches and Lamborghini's.

13. Focusing too much on output and not studying others.

Whether it's reading about your idols or studying your competition, you become what you meditate on, and the more you study the faster you can move.

14. Underestimating the importance of emotional intelligence.

Connecting with others and building an efficient, supportive team is fundamental to long-term success.

15. Surrounding themselves with only like-minded people.

Feeling supported is important, but diversity of thought is what fosters innovation.

16. Lacking patience with the start-up process.

Rushing to market too soon is a big mistake. Without a sturdy foundation, even the tallest of castles crumble to the ground.

Don't try to fit the stereotypical image of a modern entrepreneur--learn what works for you, refine it, and then make a lasting impact on the world.