Winter is coming. With holiday festivities around the corner, there are there are a few mobile apps that aim to ensure people stay safe, and have fun doing it. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year and with that rush comes a lot of responsibility.

Whether you're in a stress-filled state running to the airport to catch a flight or worrying about how to entertain guests, the holidays are both filled with challenges and the possibility for endless joy. The good news for you is that, with the continued development of innovative mobile apps, there are platforms to make the holidays even more stress-free to ensure you have more than enough time to relax and enjoy the moment.

To start a safe and happy this holiday season, try these three apps.

1. Drunk Mode.

One thing we all challenge with over the holidays is ensuring that our loved ones stay safe. Because many people enjoy going out and drinking at this time of year, it's important to be responsible, especially when you're in unfamiliar territory with a different group of peers than usual.

With Drunk Mode, you can know where your friends are, trace your steps from a night out, and even block contacts that you accidentally put in your phone from the night before. The inspiration for the app and its features came from founder Joshua Anton's experience trying to be the responsible group member while his peers experienced difficulties dealing with the repercussions of their actions.

The app has unique titles for each feature like Breadcrumbs, which allows users to trace their precise whereabouts the previous night. The logic: it could come in handy when searching for items lost during a rambunctious outing.

2. GigTown.

A key to any amazing holiday party is live music. One of the most difficult aspects of creating the type of gathering that people discuss the rest of the year is finding talented musicians and artists to book for your event. Gigtown aims to make the process of booking quality local artists simple.

To get started, visit Gigtown's website, tell them what type of venue in which you're hosting your party, and describe which genre music you're looking to have performed. From there Gigtown will find you the perfect musician to play at your party!

The idea for Gigtown sparked from Andy Altman, the founder, who came up with the idea after pondering how to apply user-friendly services that empower individuals to make cost-effective decisions with the click of a button. The vision: Andy wants Gigtown to become the Uber of music.

3. Scott's Cheap Flights.

As you know, the holiday season is when most people travel. Airlines know this too and unfortunately often make this the most expensive time to travel. Finding a cheap ticket can be a nightmare, especially when trying to vacation abroad.

That is why Scott Keyes created Scott's Cheap Flights, a email list that sends you the cheapest flights around the world.

With their email list nearing 250,000 subscribers, Scott's Cheap Flights can save you hundreds of dollars on a flight--with almost no work on your end. Unlike most services in this space, Scott's Cheap Flight doesn't get a commission on the flights they find you.

Instead they make money on a subscription basis, when a user signs up for more premium lists. Scotts Cheap Flights employs a team of hard-working employees that spend their day scouring the internet for the cheapest flights and then deliver them to your inbox.

As you contemplate traveling home or abroad this holiday season, think about how technology can make things easier. Whether it's keeping track of a friend, hiring local music for your next party, or finding your next cheap flight, there are plenty of apps ready to help.