Your obsessive work schedule wasn't created with your best interest in mind. 

It wasn't designed for maximum efficiency or for your emotional wellbeing. It was created to keep you busy. To ensure that, above all else, you are a productive worker. And that's where the problem starts. 

As the economic profit machine marches forward at the expense of your happiness, you're caught in a difficult situation. You're working long, hard hours each week because you feel like you have to. 

You've taught yourself to enjoy the struggle. To embrace the grueling journey. To push through discomfort so that you can build self-esteem within the work environment and use that bravado to make big purchases that satisfy the craving of your ever-growing ego. 

That structure--the schedule of your week--is the real reason you're unhappy. 

You're not unhappy because you don't have the new iPhone. Or because you don't drive a nice enough car. Or even because you don't make enough money. 

No, the reason you're unhappy is because you exist within a pattern that doesn't care about your soul. 

And when you're stuck running in a spinning wheel like a caged rat, the perpetual motion becomes draining. It burns you out--reducing your ability to focus, increasing emotional outbursts, and creating a vacuum in your chest that used to contain empathy for the suffering of others. 

It's time to get off the treadmill. Step outside of the spinning wheel. And replenish the parts of yourself you've left behind while chasing success. 

Vacations can do that. They have ability to refill your gas tank so that you can come back for more if you choose. And they provide a perspective you can't easily access while caught in the vicious cycle of a demanding career. 

Read the list below to discover five healthy and amazing benefits of vacations (and why you should schedule yours ASAP). 

1. Hit the reset button. Decrease your elevated stress. 

When you focus each day on execution, you sacrifice the feeling-of-being for more doing. More productivity. And that takes a toll on your mind, body, and emotional state. Getting out of your current environment and relaxing can help you release the tension you're holding in your psyche. 

2. Recharge your depleted mental and emotional energy.

Not only do vacations help you release stress, they also help you re-gain energy that you expended. Find yourself a nature-based getaway to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. 

3. Re-connect with the people that you love.

An amazing byproduct of vacations is closeness to others. When you bring people with you, there's an opportunity for connection that's not present in your daily schedule. You can be more present, less distracted, and give more focus to the quality of your relationship. 

4. Rediscover your creativity and deepen your presence.

One helpful benefit of these healing processes is the regeneration of creativity and heightened presence. After laying on the beach for a few days, for example, you'll find that you have more ideas than before. And you'll be more engaged with the present moment than you were prior to the vacation. 

5. Discover something bigger and more profound than yourself. 

When you vacation properly, you'll come into contact with the sacred. Whether that's a lake, the ocean, mountains, or something else, you'll have the opportunity to feel and see something that is more significant than your weekly grind. The more time you spend with that, the fresher your perspective once you return. 

All of these benefits lead to a better life. And that's ultimately what's most important. 

There's nothing wrong with enjoying what you do. It's okay to take some satisfaction in working 60-80 hours per week, if that's what makes you feel fulfilled. It's also perfectly fine to dislike your 9-5 and spend every waking moment ready to leave. 

Regardless of what you think about your decision to work, make sure that you take time for yourself. To prioritize your happiness, your wellbeing, and your health. 

Taking more frequent vacations won't just improve your life, it'll provide energy to those around you--collogues and family members alike. 

Schedule your next vacation now. Your future self will thank you.