You have what it takes to have an amazing and abundant 2017. You have all of the drive, determination, and passion needed to sustain high levels of engagement with your personal and professional worlds, and you know it.

All you need to uncover your best possible self are a few minor adjustments. These refinements will be the finishing touches--the polishing of what's already present. Shifting your mindset will provide you the with the power to navigate the obstacles of the upcoming year.

Here are eight easy ways to achieve all of your goals and become your best self in 2017:

1. Set small achievable goals for the next four months, and continue checking in throughout the year.

Many people fail by setting goals that are unrealistic and unachievable. Setting goals is not something that should only happen between late December and early January each year--if you want better results, you need to hold yourself accountable.

Start by setting small realistic goals for the next four months, and then re-adjusting those objectives every four months. This will keep you on track, invested, and focused on what you value.

2. Make sure your realistic goals cover a wide range of topics including self-development practices.

Many people overlook their own wellbeing. They set goals using their brain and their egos, which tend to over-value financial and career goals and under-value emotional and physical wellbeing.

To help yourself stay balanced in your goals over the next year, include self-development practices that can provide input rather than output. For example, starting therapy may feel difficult in the beginning, but over the long-term you'll realize that it adds support and gives you energy rather than taking it away.

3. Don't wait to get started--start as soon as you complete your list.

Waiting to make changes is setting yourself up for disappointment. When someone struggling with alcoholism says that they'll quit drinking tomorrow, as many of you know, tomorrow may never come.

Strike while the iron is hot! Put your thoughts into motion while you have the momentum.

4. Reflect on your progress and the memories you've created over the previous 12 months.

Early January is an excellent time to reflect on your life--especially the previous year. Take the time now to recall all of the memories--good and bad--and appreciate all of the life you've experienced.

If you have unfinished business, address it. If there are memories you want to share with others, connect with them. If you want to journal, start writing. Take the time now, because work is about to return to full speed.

5. Celebrate and honor your journey as it is right now.

It doesn't matter if you ended 2016 and started 2017 with negativity or positivity, all of your experiences shape who you are. Take a step back and appreciate the opportunities you've had over the last year, and the ones that will enter your life this year.

Accept what is. Allow your feelings of what is not and what you wish to be to pass like clouds in the sky. Be here now, and give thanks for your ability to be present.

6. Examine what aspects of your life fell short and what new challenges emerged.

This is where the biggest growth happens--looking at what you would like to change and improve on over the next year.

Contemplate your weaknesses, take note of your strengths, and then see how you can combine both into intentions over the next several months. New challenges enter your life all the time--be flexible and adjust your course of action.

7. Allow all unhelpful and unhealthy aspects of yourself to heal by practicing self compassion.

Forgive yourself. We all have flaws, shortcomings, and hurts that force us to rely on methods that, while unhealthy, are the only ways we know how to survive.

You're doing the best that you can--and that's okay. You can continue to improve, not be fully satisfied, and be working your hardest to continue moving forward despite ongoing interruptions to your mind's plan.

8. Search for a balance between future goals and aspirations with deep appreciation and acceptance of what is.

The more that you can stay grounded in the present moment this year, the more successful, happy, and fulfilled you'll become.

Give yourself permission to drift into the future, to flow into contemplating the past, but always remind yourself to return to the present--it's the only time that you have the power of taking action.

You know what to do, you know how to do it, now get out there and enjoy every second of 2017!

Published on: Jan 2, 2017
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