Elon Musk is an icon of success. Possessing a net worth of approximately 15.7 billion dollars, Musk is world renowned for his innovation, foresight, and incredible work ethic. Unfortunately, attempting to mimic his work habits and practices won't give you the boost you need to achieve your personal and professional goals.

As a life coach and licensed therapist, many of my motivated clients have attempted to implement other people's practices. They come to seek my help after they've wasted years of valuable time and energy trying to mimic someone else. At that point, my job is to help them clarify their own strengths and shortcomings so that they can create a plan for building practices that will lead them--as unique and talented individuals--to the success they desire. My work with these clients is in stark contrast to the countless others I see online worshipping the icons of entrepreneurship instead of discovering their own recipe for success.

Many people try to replicate other people's work habits, but quickly discover that these practices fail to lead lead them to the world of abundance they desire. If living a productive and successful life were as easy as copying someone else's work, each of the kids in your high school classroom would have been just as successful as the brilliant person whose homework they copied. Unfortunately, the world is much more complex.

Discovering which habits work for you and which ones restrict your growth is a long and challenging process. The reason most people try and fail to work like Elon Musk, or others, is because Musk's work habits work best for him.

We are all incredibly unique. Each of us have individualized environments that suit us best, rest and exercise schedules that maximize our productivity, and specific diets that give us more energy. Every single person has a different psychological, mental, emotional, and physical set of requirements that need to be optimized to achieve personal and professional success--so simply copying and pasting someone else's setup is like sticking a square peg in a round hole--it doesn't work!

The one reason Elon Musk's work habits won't work for you is because they aren't customized to your unique makeup. Instead of wasting valuable time and energy implementing other people's habits, try doing something much more efficient: learning as much about yourself as possible.

Engaging in real self-development practices like therapy or coaching accelerates your ability to discover which habits support your growth and which habits you need to modify to live according to your values and achieve your personal and professional goals. Consistent practice of critical self-reflection highlights your shortcomings--the areas of incongruence between your desires and your behaviors--so that you can transcend these limitations. It also boosts your strengths by highlighting what you do well so that you can continue building upon the practices that positively contribute to your wellbeing.

While you're investing in your personal and professional growth through self-development practices, you can experiment by slowly adding in other people's habits to discover which work well for you. Slowly add in one or two habits over the course of a few weeks or a month to see if it adds value for you or not. Because you'll be consistently tracking your progress in therapy or coaching, you'll have direct feedback to see whether or not these habits improve your life.

The most important part of personal and professional growth isn't trying to copy someone else's habits, it's taking meaningful actions towards your goals. In time, these new actions will become engrained practices that will lead you to success of your own.

There's no need to copy Elon Musk's work habits. You simply need to invest in yourself and construct a customized and individualized plan to maximize your unique gifts.