Ambitious individuals often fall victim to their desire for self-growth. By constantly preparing for the future or analyzing the past, successful people restrict themselves from being fully immersed in the present moment.

Most individuals with a thirst for self-improvement fail to recognize that the traits that make them successful also prohibit a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Strategizing for the future and delaying gratification for long-term gains builds materialistic wealth and helps one acquire the markers of success, however, this mindset of delayed gratification often coincides with delayed happiness.

While many have mastered the formula to acquiring money, only a few have discovered the path to discovering inner wealth.

Here's three ways to acquire inner and outer wealth:

1. Recognize that you will never be satisfied.

No matter how much money, fame, admiration, and power you have, it will never satisfy your thirst.

The mind is built to project into the future or ruminate on past events. Thinking about the future is what creates the drive and ambition to achieve your goals, but it's also the mechanism that prevents your ability to soak up the nectar of this moment.

If the object you desire is a BMW, soon after acquiring the object, it will lose its specialness and you will feel driven to buy something else, something even more impressive.

By looking to the future, the mind prevents you from being present, and it is only in the here-and-now that happiness exists.

To be happy, you need to recognize that no matter what you have, your mind will always want more.

2. Realize that if you cannot be happy now, you will never be happy.

Because the mind is always looking forward to bigger and better things, no amount of materialistic success or power will satisfy its hunger. If the mind is always hungry, then the game you're playing is futile unless you develop the ability to allow happiness to enter your heart.

Learn to meditate and cultivate true presence. When you are fully immersed in the here and now, you are in a state of no-mind. When the mind is absent, fulfillment and happiness enter your heart, enabling you to enjoy what you have now.

There's no need to stop acquiring material wealth if that's what you feel called to do, but you need to recognize that if you fail to pay attention to your inner wealth, your successes will only magnify your inner emptiness.

3. Learn the language of true happiness.

Dominant cultural narratives spread lies about happiness. They tell us to acquire power over others, to earn lots of money, and to engage in all sorts of pleasure-seeking activities. Unfortunately, after eating that nice meal, making your first million, or getting that big promotion, life returns to normal.

True happiness comes from being in the present moment.

The words happiness and happens have the same linguistic root because happiness happens as a byproduct of full engagement with the here-and-now. In a state of no-mind, there is no contemplation of the future or the past, there is only full enjoyment of whatever is arising in consciousness.

No matter who you are, where you are, or what you have, everyone has the ability to feel a deep sense of contentment in their life.

Successful individuals need balance. Maximizing one's inner richness to match one's outer wealth leads to a greater integration of balance, health, and fulfillment. Discover the blockages that are preventing your own enjoyment of the journey so that you can overcome all obstacles and enjoy your road to success.

The view from the peak is more satisfying if you enjoyed each step of the climb.