Highly motivated people need to stay true to themselves. No matter how much success you attain personally and professionally, the ability to stay grounded in your authentic self provides a moral compass and opens you up to abundance and prosperity.

Joyce Marter is the founder and CEO of  Urban Balance, the largest group counseling practice in Chicago with over 70 therapists in seven locations throughout the Chicagoland area. She serves as President of the Illinois Counseling Association, writes for Huffington Post and PsychCentral, and has been featured as a psychological expert in the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, US News and World Report, just to name a few.

Joyce is a seasoned public speaker and trainer with more than 15 years of experience presenting talks and workshops at Fortune 500 companies.

During a conversation with Joyce at one of her Chicago offices, I asked her to speak about how staying congruent with one's true self is beneficial for individuals like entrepreneurs and executives that want to change the world.

Here's five benefits for staying aligned with with your true self:

1. Maximize your impact.

Motivated individuals have the ability to have a significant impact. If you know your true self, then you'll have the self-awareness necessary to recognize your strengths and the knowledge needed to identify a corresponding need in the world.

Joyce notes that, "If you're going to succeed in a business it's about identifying your greatest gifts and matching them with a greater need in the world, and looking for the win-win."

She's a firm believer that the key to maximizing your impact is matching your strengths with the needs of others to create a positive situation for all parties.

2. Create a vision.

When you're in touch with your authentic self, you recognize that your mind and ego are what set your own limitations. Joyce states that "We need to be mindful that we set our own ceilings in life. We must open ourselves up to prosperity and abundance by thinking bigger."

Instead of allowing your fear and self-doubt to cloud your vision, look inward and align yourself with a greater purpose. Each of us have unique gifts to share with the world, and Joyce encourages us to amplify and share those gifts by creating a powerful vision for ourselves.

3. Amplify your strengths.

All successful individuals need to amplify their strengths in order to fulfill their mission. Joyce believes that "Part of being successful is taking people and identifying their gifts and then putting them in positions where they're going to succeed and grow, which helps the organization."

Staying true to yourself streamlines your ability to amplify the positive that already exists. Joyce encourages highly motivated individuals to connect to their true selves so that they can refine their strengths and put others in  positions of growth

4. Detach from negativity.

Joyce says that, "If you're going to be a successful entrepreneur or business owner, you have to trust and detach from fear and anxiety to connect with the greater plan."

One major lesson Joyce shared was the idea of how staying grounded in your true self, as opposed to the ego, leads to a state of non-attachment, and how that non-attachment results in better business plans.

When you're feeling excessive pressure to perform at a high level, it creates anxiety and fear that results in worse decisions.

Instead of allowing yourself to exist in a state of fear, transcending the ego and identifying with your authentic self increases your freedom to make informed decisions that go with the flow rather than being swept up in the undertow.

5. Trust the process.

No executive or entrepreneurial journey is complete without trial and tribulation.

Joyce reiterates, "The businesses that succeed are the ones that are willing to weather the storms. I've gone through many of those and they've been perhaps the greatest learning opportunities for me both personally and professionally. So instead of being afraid of those, you need to look at them as opportunities for growth."

If you want to experience success, then you need to find something true and unmoving to anchor yourself during rocky waters. Joyce believes that when you stay grounded in your true self, you develop the ability to trust the process and look at difficult circumstances as valuable learning opportunities.

Joyce notes that, "Being true to your authentic self requires deep inner work. Whether that's going to psychotherapy, a spiritual practice, or a mind-body practice like yoga, it's going to help you know yourself on a greater level and apply that motivation to the greater good in the world around you."

Excellent insight from an inspirational leader and CEO in the field of psychology.