How do employees actually feel about their bosses? Inspired? Appreciated? Apparently, neither. 

A recent study indicates that 31% of professional employees feel both “uninspired and underappreciated by their bosses” and close to 70% believe that they would be happier if they had a better relationship with their superior.

The Bad Boss Study, led by psychologist Michelle McQuaid, interviewed 1,000 professional workers across the country, polling them on issues such as whether their boss works hard, has integrity or can keep calm in tough situations.

And employees had pretty dissatisfied opinions to report to McQuaid.

Clost to 42% of those polled say their bosses don’t work very hard while 47% polled feel their superior doesn’t stay in control when stress levels rise.

Harvard Business Review blogger and serial entrepreneur Alan E. Hall thinks bosses can do better.

Hall gave six (rather obvious) tips for bosses to boost employee morale and engagement: rewarding employees, regularly communicating with them, setting realistic and measurable goals and being supportive, positive and honest in the workplace.