Entrepreneurs spend almost all of their time growing companies, but apparently they do a little cooking on the side, too.

A new recipe book called “The Start-Up Chef” was released Friday, featuring recipes from over 70 start-up founders, venture capitalists, tech veterans and journalists. The book is the brainchild of ABC product manager Maya Baratz and YouTube executive Hunter Walk.

“Not only can these people cook well, but many of these are passed-down family recipes,” Baratz told AllThingsD. “They’ve brought a lot of personal aspects to the project.”

Among those passed-down recipes in the book is “Mormor’s Swedish Pancakes” from Warby Parker CEO Dave Gilboa, who was approached by Baratz and Walk for a recipe in early October.

As all proceeds for the recipe book will go toward helping feed families affected by Hurricane Sandy, Gilboa told Inc. that the opportunity to include one of his family recipes was “an easy way to do something for a good cause.”

“Maya and Hunter are very plugged into the entrepreneur community and shot me a quick email about the project,” he said. “Living in New York City, I can’t claim to be a good cook, but I held onto a pancake recipe that my mom would use every weekend when I was a kid.”

Other eye-catching recipes on the book’s list concocted by entrepreneurs include Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley's “Mom Crowley’s Sausage Soup," Randi Zuckerberg’s “Eggnog Cinnamon Chip Scones,” and Brit & Co. CEO Brit Morin’s “Chocolate iPhone.”

The 247-page book is available for purchase online and Baratz and Walk indicated on the book’s website that another version of “The Start-Up Chef” is slated for the future.