Groupon regularly pitches restaurant coupons or spa discounts to its individual customers. Now a handful of start-ups are bringing limited-time, group buying deals to small businesses, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Companies including Rewardli, GroupPrice, OrderWithMe and RapidBuyr are offering a variety of limited-time offers to help small businesses band together to ease costs.

For example, Rewardli allows small businesses to combine their buying power to save money on products and services such as web domains, business cards and graphic design. The start-up reportedly counts 22,000 small business subscribers.

OrderWithMe, a start-up that pairs Chinese factories with daily manufacturing group orders from small businesses, now counts close to 3,000 wholesale retailers and goods suppliers as subscribers, according to The Journal.

“This just lets the small guys have a place where they can connect,” OrderWithMe founder Jonathan Jenkins told the newspaper.

But after signing up for a deal, don’t be assured that you’ll be saving money. As with Groupon, the limited-time deals sites for small businesses still count one significant obstacle: the uncertainty of whether a deal will go through.