If you believe you were born to be an entrepreneur, you may have envisioned greatness in your future many times. You may have been an audience member during an iconic figure's speech and thought, "That could be me." You may believe you hold the key to the next revolutionary idea, and that one day, the world will know.

The secret to achieving great success is telling your story effectively. A good story changes everything. Here's what I've learned from some great storytellers:

Go deep

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Whether you're crafting your elevator pitch or a detailed presentation, talk about your passions and your dreams. People like stories that come from the heart. When your audience understands why you founded your business, and the direction you want it to take, they are more likely to remember it.

Add power with a social element

The stories that resonate the most include a socially-conscious end goal that benefits others. Many consumers are more likely to purchase your products if they know it's for a good cause. Others may like to see a story going full circle. This is a theme common to companies as different as Tom's shoes or Microsoft.

Rewind. And Repeat

One of the biggest lessons I learned as an entrepreneur is not to be afraid of repetition. Leave the modesty aside, and tell people what your story is. You may think everyone's heard it, but you never know who might hold the key to a life-changing partnership, or a piece of information that could change your life and business.

If you truly believe in your idea, your story must be great. Become a great storyteller, and everybody will believe in it.