As your company expands, the stakes become higher. There are times when you'll experience setbacks in the goals you've set out to accomplish that day or week, and the disappointment can affect your mindset or energy. Sometimes employees decide to pursue other paths. You may take a risk on a product that doesn't perform as expected, or may realize that a decision should have been approached in another way. It happens--even to the best of them--more often than you think. Here are a few things to remember during those trying times:

Why you started

Every time I experience a setback, I remember why I get up every day. Bringing the big picture  'top of mind'--where it belongs --  helps me get through these costly and sometimes difficult stumbling blocks. Otherwise, it's possible that the main purpose of your business, or the reason you got into a particular dilemma in the first place, has become lost along the way. If so, turn around and head back to find it. Your ultimate goal should inform every decision you make.

Where you are vs where you've been

It's easy to forget that, most likely, the current valley is still higher than your most recent peak. My business partner is often the 'glass half-full' viewpoint in our duo, and I thank him every day for reminding me that in business, many times you take one step back in order to take two steps forward. It's the name of the game, and if you want to rise above it, you can't get distracted with emotion.

Who you are

What distinguishes a dreamer from a doer is the tenacity with which you approach defeat. The strength of your character is tested daily as a leader, and your success will ultimately be dictated by how approach obstacles. Give yourself credit for getting as far as you have. Then remember what you're made of, dust yourself off, and move forward.