The next generation of workers, Generation Z, is just beginning to enter the workforce. They come to the workforce with a specific set of expectations, a defined set of values and the leverage of looking for work at a time of near record-low unemployment.

Understanding where they’re coming from and what they’re looking for in their jobs, their employers and their colleagues is of critical importance for employers looking to build their teams.

The Pursuit of Happiness eBook gets under the hood and into the heads of this generation.

When it comes to their employers:

  • What do they expect from employers in terms of work/life balance?
  • What values they look for in their employer?
  • What opportunities for career development they demand?
  • What benefits and perk they look for?
  • What flexibility is there in terms of where and when they work?

This is just one side of the equation. As Generation Z enters the workforce they also choose where they live. What are the biggest consideration for this generation as they choose where to live and work?

All of these questions (and more) will be answered in The Pursuit of Happiness and make a powerful case for why Michigan may be the natural choice for Generation Z (and all other generations in the workforce).

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