Many of us have become podcast devotees, and for good reason: They're an easy way to hear interesting stories and learn new ideas when we're on the go. Some brands are even using podcasts to bring customers behind the scenes. For those looking for new marketing tips, they can be a great way to stay abreast in an ever-changing field.

Not all podcasts I subscribe to are marketing- or communications-related. I tend to listen to a wide range and suspect many people subscribe to a variety too. Like reading different genres of books, it's fun to hear different takes on topics as well as listen to someone go deeper into subject matter over several episodes.  

Here are some of the podcasts I've been listening to regularly, and I would welcome recommendations.

1. Beyond the To-Do List. From productivity tips to how to create better habits to living a good life, host Erik Fisher explores a range of topics and keeps his podcast listeners entertained.

2. An Arm and a Leg. Our health care system is a mess, and An Arm and a Leg helps dissect the nuances that are sometimes hard to understand unless you're in the medical field.

3. Hurry Slowly. Host Jocelyn K. Glei interviews experts well-versed in time management and why we might want to consider returning to the analog.

4. The Dream. Host Jane Marie takes a deep dive into the world of multilevel marketing. So much has been written about how multilevel marketing works and does or doesn't take advantage of people, but Jane Marie brings in a part of history I think most of us may not have known was part of this business.

5. WTF Just Happened Today? A five-minute daily podcast about what's happening in national politics. Not a deep dive and a bit irreverent, it feels a bit like someone is reading headlines, but if you're short on time, this might be one to subscribe to.

6. HowSound. Hosted by Transom and Rob Rosenthal, I love listening to this biweekly podcast about what goes into great radio storytelling. While I don't produce radio, the show gives me ideas on how stories take shape and how I can apply those learnings to my daily work.

7. #AmWriting With Jess and KJ. Since I am a writer and communications professional, I look forward to listening to this duo's Friday morning podcasts while working out. Sometimes, they're discussing topics between themselves, like how to get work done when your in-laws are visiting during the holidays, while other times they interview a guest like author David Sedaris.