There are certain categories that are harder to get noticed unless you're in the market for it. Cars, lawn mowers, and beds often fall into that category. That didn't stop Swedish furniture giant IKEA and its United Arab Emirates (UAE) agency Memec Ogilvy from cleverly using traditional advertising to get its collection of beds and mattresses noticed. It didn't use social media. It didn't rely on influencers. It used a print ad.

The flat advertisement (so on-brand for IKEA since everything seems to come in flat packages), is meant to be removed from the magazine, switched on and placed next to a bed.

The team created a new print ad that ran on the back of GOOD magazine in the Middle East. It was created after the company learned about nine in ten people in the United Arab Emirates are not getting the ideal eight hours of sleep a night, according to the description on its YouTube video showcasing how the ad works.

"In order to help those who struggle to get a good night's sleep, we created SOMNIG," notes the YouTube video description. "A print ad designed to do exactly what our range of beds and mattresses do - give you a great night's sleep."

When activated, the ad emits a white noise frequency, which has been proven to aid sleep according to the team's research. The ad was printed using lavender-infused ink and features an aromatic lavender port. The lavender scent is known to help relax muscles and lower heart rate.

If you're wondering how a print ad would emit white noise or a lavender scent, it's because the ad has a USB port and you need to charge it before using it next to your bed.

What I love about this advertisement, aside from it being a very clever way to communicate your message using traditional print advertising, is that it really reinforces the IKEA brand.

So many businesses have abandoned traditional advertising in favor of social media and influencers. IKEA and their agency remind us that if the medium works, print advertising still can be a very effective tool.