It's not every day we get to enjoy major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup. While it might not seem like an obvious marketing fit at first blush, some companies are cleverly aligning their brands to major events, whether it's a soccer tournament, the royal wedding, or a random celebration like National Peanut Butter Day. 

Companies that manage to leverage their brand beyond traditional applications or get really creative with advertising are rewarded with stronger brand recognition and, more important, positive feelings toward the brand

Kellogg's NYC café's World Cup promotion is a great example. The café is offering all-you-can-eat breakfast during the World Cup, which is particularly clever since this year's tournament is hosted in Russia--and Moscow is seven hours ahead of New York City.

Don't have a New York City cereal café? It's not just about cereal. It's about building connections with customers and clients by creating experiences, rather than simply pushing products or services. That's something you can do with your own business, too. This isn't the first time Kellogg's took advantage of what's happening around the world to promote its NYC cereal café and brand. It also created a watch party for the British royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with themed breakfasts curated by a former royal chef and cereal-box fascinator hats.

How can everyday businesses and brands take advantage of what's happening around the world? Beyond creating window displays around major events like the World Cup or a British royal wedding, retailers and service providers such as hairstylists or auto body shops with a brick-and-mortar presence can host their own watch parties in their place of business. Partner with neighboring businesses to take advantage of more marketing outreach efforts.

But it doesn't need to be just global events like these, because each day has some sort of celebration tied to it. For example, Chocolate Day is July 7, and International Day of Charity falls on September 5. Check the Days of the Year calendar to find celebrations that make the most sense for your business, and craft a marketing campaign around it.

Be creative with these celebrations. 

Here's just one idea I'd offer a retail shop that sells, among other things, notecards and stationery. Blow out World Stationery Day, celebrated on April 27. Rather than just promote all things stationery, organize a pen pal writing sit-in with another retailer across the country. Ask your customers who would like a pen pal to answer a few questions about themselves such as their favorite hobbies. This can be done with customers in-person as they are shopping, as well as through email newsletters and social media posts.

Then send those names to the other retailer, and on World Stationery Day put out note cards and stationery and let the customers write their pen pals a handwritten letter.

Every day won't make sense for every business, but there is definitely an event or a celebration that can work for you. There was no direct tie-in for Kellogg's and FIFA World Cup, but Kellogg's figured out a way to connect that reinforces its brand in a clever way.