As 2019 dawns, you may be just starting a venture, in the middle of your startup's growth phase, or working on scaling. Or perhaps you're still working on launching your big idea.

Wherever you are in the journey, here are a few golden nuggets to prompt you ever further toward  greatness:

  1. "People respond well to those that are sure of what they want." - Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief, Vogue)

  2. "When you find an idea that you just can't stop thinking about, that's probably a good one to pursue." - Josh James (co-founder and CEO, Omniture)

  3. "The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be." - Reid Hoffman (co-founder, LinkedIn)

  4. "As a startup CEO, I slept like a baby. I woke up every 2 hours and cried." - Ben Horowitz (co-founder, Opsware)

  5. "You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over." - Richard Branson

  6. "The difference between a boss and a leader: A boss says just, 'Go!', a leader says, 'Let's go!'" - George Edward Maurice Kelly (E.M. Kelly)

  7. "If you don't have big dreams and goals, you'll end up working for someone that does." - Unknown

  8. "Invite people into your life that don't look or think like you." - Mellody Hobson (president, Ariel Investments)

  9. "My son is now an 'entrepreneur'. That's what you're called when you don't have a job." - Ted Turner

  10. "It was a risk. I had my husband and I was pregnant with my oldest son. But I don't look at risk the way other people do. When you're an entrepreneur, you have to go in feeling like you're going to be successful." - Lillian Vernon (founder, Lillian Vernon Corporation)

  11. "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late." - Reid Hoffman (co-founder, LinkedIn)

  12. "So often people are working hard at the wrong thing. Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard." - Caterina Fake (co-founder, Flickr)

  13. "If we tried to think of a good idea, we wouldn't have been able to think of a good idea. You just have to find the solution for a problem in your own life." - Brian Chesky (co-founder, Airbnb)

  14. "This is what will change the world: a groundswell of people pouring their energy into manifesting their 'preferred future' instead of being worn down by disillusion and disappointment." - Molly Carlile (international speaker/author)

  15. "Getting the team right is the necessary precursor to getting the ideas right." - Ed Catmull (cofounder, Pixar)

  16. "The Team! The Team! The Team!" - Bo Schembechler

  17. "Dear entrepreneurs, you can start a thousand businesses, launch 100 projects, and take dozens of companies public, but you only have one shot at being part of your kid's childhood. Your kid doesn't care about your platform, they care about your presence." - Jon Acuff

  18. "Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. Teach a man to fish, and you ruin a wonderful business opportunity." - Karl Marx

  19. "Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

  20. "When I'm old and dying, I plan to look back on my life and say 'Wow, that was an adventure,' not 'Wow, I sure felt safe.'" - Tom Preston-Werner (co-founder, Github)

  21. "Remember why you started." - Unknown