LinkedIn is an employment powerhouse. Its 575 million members take billions of actions, including reaching out about possible jobs, headhunting creative talent, publishing original articles, and listing out professional accomplishments.

There are lots of interesting ways to parse all the data the company has, including by seeking the answer to the following question, : "[W]hich startups are commanding the attention and working hours of top talent?"

LinkedIn set out to answer that by culling data from all eligible startups (to be considered eligible, a startup had to be seven years old or younger; have at least 50 employees; and be privately owned with a U.S.-based HQ).

LinkedIn used four primary criteria to make the list: 1) jobseekers' interest in the startup; 2) employee growth; 2) engagement by LinkedIn members with the startup and its employees; 4) how successfully the startup pulled talent from LinkedIn's Top Companies list.

The full list includes the top 50 companies. Here are the top 10:

1. Lyft

Lyft has raised $4.3B to date and is currently valued at $15.1B. According to the startup, it controlled 20 percent of the U.S. ride-sharing market in 2016, and currently controls 35 percent of it. It's expanding beyond cars, too: bikes and scooters will soon join the ranks. With 3,000 employees around the world, it recently introduced mental health benefits (the company even trains managers on how to detect mental health warning signs, to help support employees).

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2. Halo Top Creamery

Halo Top is a low-sugar ice cream startup founded by disillusioned corporate lawyer Justin Woolverton. Last year, it became the best-selling pint of ice cream in grocery stores in the U.S., to the tune of $350M in annual sales. Boasting pints with fewer than 360 calories apiece (so you can eat the whole thing guilt-free), it's giving Ben & Jerry's and other incumbent brands a run for their money. The startup has no formal office; all 100 of its employees either work from home or coworking spaces.

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3. Coinbase

Bitcoin is all the rage, and Coinbase has capitalized on that. The cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet startup now has over 20 million accounts, or twice that of Charles Schwab. Of employees, it says, "[p]eople come to Coinbase to earn their 'MBA' in crypto." The startup is looking to double its employee headcount by the end of 2018.

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4. is only two years old, but just raised $35M in June. It uses machine-learning and smart algorithms to provide "A.I.-as-a-service" to fellow startups as well as established companies. The A.I. provided helps with things like streamlining supply chains or making pricing more efficient. Leadership includes a former executive for IMB Watson.

Open jobs at (Feel free to use noodle puns in your cover letter; the company told LinkedIn, "We can't just pasta time making jokes.")

5. Bird

Is it a Bird? Is it a plane? Is it a ... scooter? Bird is a rent-by-the-hour electric scooter startup looking to take over the world, or at least cities like LA, where it's headquartered. People either love or hate the scooters, and city officials are often annoyed by them, since, while eco-friendly, they can cause accidents. Just over a year old, Bird was founded by a former Uber and Lyft executive, and is currently valued at $2B.

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6. Robinhood

Founded by Stanford roommates, Robinhood is an investment app startup that recently overtook E-Trade, with five million accounts. It's disrupting the financial industry by letting people make commission-free stock trades, and its goal is to expand to eventually provide every service a traditional bank does, at a lower cost. The startup says it generates new product ideas by looking at what users search for but can't find in the app.

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7. Ripple

Ever tried to wire money internationally? It has traditionally been expensive and time-consuming. FinTech startup Ripple simplifies the process by using blockchain technology, making it possible to do in seconds what used to take days. It currently employs 250 people and is looking to add another 75 by the end of 2018.

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8. Glossier

Beauty brand Glossier depends on its customers for more than just sales; its loyal fans also model for its campaigns; are closely involved in its product creation; and act as passionate evangelists, telling their friends about it both in person and on social media. All that love pays off: the startup recently raised $52M. Refreshingly, the majority of Glossier's staff and board are women, including Katrina Lake, CEO of Stitch Fix.

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9. Aurora Innovation

Aurora Innovation is making waves in the autonomous vehicle industry. Unsurprisingly, its CEO and co-founder Chris Urmson led the self-driving car initiative at Google before founding the startup. Urmson holds the inventor title on 60+ patents, including things like blind-spot detection and the mapping of traffic signals. Self-driving cars will disrupt a multi-trillion-dollar industry, so it's a good time to get on board.

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10. Rubrik

In 2017, cloud management startup Rubrik tripled its employee based, quadrupled its customers, and gained official Unicorn status, with a $1.3B valuation. Its core concept is simple: Rubrik helps companies protect their data and back it up.

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