Every day, countless books are added to Amazon, packed with knowledge to help entrepreneurs and small business owners improve and grow. I culled the best new releases from September, from management, leadership, and team building to productivity, creativity and lean product development.

Check out these binge-worthy reads:

by Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute are undeniably two of the world's top leaders in content creation, production and monetization for businesses of all types and sizes. In Killing Marketing, they "show how leading companies are able sell the very content that propels their marketing strategy."

By Stephen Woessner

Podcasts are a great way for entrepreneurs and experts to share their knowledge, but the path to making it profitable can be a long one without the right insights. This book shares all the information you need to get your podcast up and running and bringing in revenue, with "priceless production help, software recommendations, web and social strategies, schedules, checklists, and examples."

By Tim Wu

They say if you're not sure what a company's product is, you're the product. Since the early days of media, consumer attention has been a highly valuable product, sold in the form of advertising. This book will be an insightful read for anyone working in marketing, communication, advertising, public relations or any other field that requires consumer attention to survive.

By Ken Kupchik

Whether you're a sales person by trade, or operating as an entrepreneur or freelancer, your business' success is contingent on successful sales conversations. This book contains the tactics, advice, examples and checklists you need to turn conversations into conversions, and boasts a 5-star rating on Amazon.

By Jim Stengel and Tom Post

This book doesn't just draw on the authors' personal experience, but also leans into a global study of 200+ established companies and startups to show how "companies with successful startup partnerships are three times more likely to change their culture to be more innovative." If you need to infuse your established business with innovation, or are looking for form corporate partnerships as a startup, this is the book for you.

By Aaron Painter

Companies, whether large or small, are nothing without teir people. Painter's new book "provides insightful suggestions about how companies can create a culture of active listening to engage their most valuable resource: people, whether they are customers or employees." If you're thinking about expanding your team or looking for advice on how to best engage the team you already have, pick up this new release.

By Chris Guillebeau

One of the advantages of being an entrepreneur is the flexibility, but it can also mean unpredictable income. For those looking to supplement their full-time work with a lucrative passion project, this book provides an easy process for validating and activating on side-hustle ideas, and boasts a five-star rating on Amazon.

By Simon Sinek

The best-selling author of Start With Why is back with this follow-up that shows you how to discover your driving forces, differentiate from your competitors, and inspire your entire team to rally behind a common purpose. The book is set up like a guide, with "detailed exercises, illustrations, and action steps for every stage of the process."

By Manoush Zomorodi

We live in a hectic and busy world that often denies us quiet time to just THINK. This book, by the host of WNYC's podcast and radio show Note to Self, provides readers with a practical guide to implementing and capitalizing on mental breaks, "exploring how we can harness boredom's hidden benefits to become our most productive and creative selves without totally abandoning our gadgets in the process"

By Brian Tracy

Habits guide so much of what we do, but not all of our habits are setting us up for success. This book offers suggestions n changing and adopting those habits that will help us reach and exceed our financial goals. As the description promises, "readers will learn how to organize their finances, increase health and vitality, sustain loving relationships, build financial independence, and take a leadership role to turn visions into reality."

By Jenny Blake

As entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to know what the best next step is, for our businesses and for ourselves. This book, written by a former career development specialist at Google, will help you evaluate your options and move forward with confidence, showing you how to "to take small, smart steps to move in a new direction--now and throughout your entire career."