Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at Social Fresh 2016 in Orlando to share some insights about creating relevant content with the audience of marketers, social media managers and entrepreneurs. As a professional speaker, I get to travel the world,  make genuine connections with so many talented people, and grow my own  personal brand, but I also get to attend the sessions by the other incredibly talented speakers and learn right along with the other conference attendees.

I've compiled the most tweetable quotes and insights from the experts who took the stage at Social Fresh 2016, so you can apply their wisdom to your social accounts, your marketing strategy, and your entire business.

1. "Become goal-oriented. If you try to check off too many boxes at once, you won't be successful at any of your objectives."

-- Jeremy Goldman, Founder of Firebrand Group and author of "Getting To Like

So many entrepreneurs create products or services that to be everything to everyone, and wind up be nothing to anyone. Keep focused and you'll make greater progress toward your goal. 

2. "Every time you communicate, you're either adding value or taking up space."

-- Sally Hogshead, New York Times Bestselling author of "How The World Sees You"

Be intentional about what you put out in the world, whether it's a tweet, a blog update or a blast to your email list. Everything you share sends a message about who you are. 

3. "Quantity is NOT quality, more is NOT better."

-- Jess Ostroff, Manager of Calm at Don't Panic Management and Managing Editor at Convince & Convert

For your social posts, your business and anything else, only commit to and execute on as much as you can reasonably do well. Anything more than that isn't helping you achieve your goals.

4. "If you have to convince someone to work with you, it's probably not the right fit."

-- Liz Kennedy, Director of Content and Social Media for Fresh Direct

Sure, Liz was talking about finding influencers to promote and partner with your brand. But this could just as easily apply to your business partners, vendors or investors. No amount of passion on one half of the partnership will make up for a lack of it on the other side. 

5. "Give them what they want and need, not just what you're willing to give them."

-- Heather Taylor, Director of Creative Strategy at The Economist

It's easy to get lost in your own goals, both as marketers and as entrepreneurs. But your audience isn't interested in everything you have to say, so focus on those messages and stories that best serve them.

6. "If it doesn't make people care, share or swear, it's boring."

-- Sarah Evans, digital correspondent for major brands

Emotional content--or content that creates an emotional reaction in your audience-- is some of the most remembered and engaged with. Create social posts, blogs and other content that connects with the audience emotionally. 

7. "Build the message first. Build the media second."

-- Sally Hogshead, New York Times Bestselling author of "How The World Sees You"

If you don't know what you're going to say, don't worry about how you're going to say it yet. Focus on your message, your goal and your story, then determine the best way to get that out into the world. 

8. "Personality is the window to the soul of your brand."

If you want to bring consumers in and show them who you are, then they need to know who you are, not just what you do. Showing your personality through your tone, voice, style and more provides a great pathway for letting your consumers and potential consumers get to know you. 

9. "Attention is like water. You can't control it, but you can guide it."


It'd be great if you could get your audience to see everything you want them to see, click everything you want them to click, and buy everything you want them to buy. But you can't. What you can do is offer value, respects their preferences, and give clear pathways and options for next steps.

10. "It's good to be the great. It's better to be different."

-- Sally Hogshead, New York Times Bestselling author of "How The World Sees You"

A lot of things are good. But all those good things will begin to blend together if they're not differentiated. Don't aim to be one of several "good" options, or even one of several "great" options. Aim to be the only option, because you're the one that offers a different solution, approach or value. 

11. "Acknowledge your mistakes, and show how you're making up for them."

-- Cory Vasquez, Director of Digital Communications at Remax

While you might want to bury your head in the sand when something goes wrong, own up to your errors and speak openly about how you're working to resolve them, or prevent them from happening again. 

12. "People are drawn to PEOPLE."


-- Stacy Minero, Head of Planning & Creative Agency Development

Ads with people in them tend to attract more attention than those without. Don't hide behind a product, logo or mascot. Be honest, be yourself and be transparent about who you are.

13. "People trust their friends & family 5 times more than a brand message."

-- Amy Greber, Director of Social Engagement for Red Cross

Enlist the help of influencers to spread your message, so its better received, but also aim to create something worth talking about. Be remarkable, and let word-of-mouth marketing push you foward. 

14. "Planning is sexy."

-- Jess Ostroff, Manager of Calm at Don't Panic Management and Managing Editor at Convince & Convert

There's nothing cool about "winging it" and falling flat. Take time to plan out your social posts as well as your broader business strategy. 

15. "If you want time for your content, you have to take it from someone else."


There is no shortage of things to read, video content to watch, games to play, apps to download, audio listen to, things to buy or places to visit. If you truly want consumers to pay attention to YOU, then you need to be better than the next best option.