Savvy marketers are always trying to keep up with the latest trends and find ways to learn about the tools and tactics that are fueling the industry's evolution. 

It's not always easy to keep up, at the rate things are changing. But a growing number of podcasts are covering the industry and offering great insights for the marketer on the move.

These insight-packed audio lessons can be downloaded and saved so you can learn on your terms, from the subway platform or the airport security line, to rush hour traffic or a leisurely walk with your four-legged friend. Turning these waiting moments into learning opportunities can help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Check out these top digital marketing podcasts and hit "subscribe" so you can start turning downtime into download time:

This Old Marketing
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Hosts: Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose
Why You Should Subscribe: These two have a fantastic on-air dynamic that makes you feel like you're talking shop with friends each week. Rose starts each episode with a lively and creative intro monologue that relates current marketing trends to cultural moments, and each episode ends with the titular "this old marketing" segment that resurfaces a best-in-class example out from the archives.

This show also carries an impressive number of segments on native advertising, for those in the industry. This is the podcast to listen to if you want fuel for informed conversations around the water cooler, in an interview, or on a conference stage.

Know Your Audience
Site | iTunes
Host: Jenna Matecki
Why You Should Subscribe: At the center of all marketing efforts is a deep knowledge of the audience you're trying to reach, and this podcast brings in the top experts in content distribution, audience engagement, social measurement, ad tech and more to share the best strategies for understanding, reaching and engaging with your target audience.

The conversations are natural and the insights are real, so get on board with this new and rapidly rising podcast now, so that you can say you "knew KYA when."

Entrepreneur On Fire
Site |  iTunes
Host: John Lee Dumas
Why You Should Subscribe: JLD, as he calls himself, is one of the most energetic and motivational hosts you can possibly pump through your earbuds and -- pardon the pun -- but his guest list is truly on fire. Each episode, top performers from across the worlds of marketing, business and entrepreneurship share their top tips and their biggest mistakes so you can learn from the best.

Each episode also ends with a recommendation of a digital marketing tool, so you're bound to get some great takeaways each time you press play.

Ask Gary Vee Show
Site | iTunes
Host: Gary Vaynerchuk
Why You Should Subscribe: GaryVee needs no introduction. And, as it turns out, the digital media juggernaut forgoes guests, too, in this rapid-fire Q&A style show that's fueled by reader inquiries and packed with insights. He covers business, social media, marketing, entrepreneurship and more in each fast-paced episode, and recently launched a companion #AskGaryVee book comprised of his best answers from the show's history, with updated answers reflecting the latest trends.

This is a fast listen packed with diverse insights and the trademark GaryVee energy that will get you excited about your marketing efforts. 

Side Hustle Show
Site | iTunes | Stitcher
 Nick Loper
Why You Should Subscribe: This is one of those podcasts that might seem like an outlier, since it focuses on the "5-to-9" instead of the "9-to-5," but the side-hustlers who appear on this show bring some of the best tips for efficiency and productivity, given their time constraints, and the creativity of these entrepreneurs is incredibly impressive.

This is a great podcast to learn about new and creative ways of marketing and making money that might not be in the headlines of your favorite trade pubs... yet!

Content Convergence
Steve Rubel
Why You Should Subscribe: Steve Rubel is an authority in the content marketing space, and his show brings in the best and brightest for conversations about the changing world of content. Call it "branded," "sponsored," "custom," or "advertorial," Rubel is exploring the past, present and future of the content industry, and the way it impacts advertisers, publisher, agencies and content creators.

This is a must-listen for anyone in the content marketing space. 

Social Business Engine
Site |  iTunes

Host: Bernie Borges
Why You Should Subscribe: A conversation about marketing wouldn't be complete without a discussion of the growing and evolving role of social media. This show is incredibly well-prepared and includes fantastic end-of-show recaps from Borges that showcase both his deep understanding of the landscape and the guest's unique perspective.

If your marketing efforts include social -- and they should -- then this social-focused show needs to be in your podcast queue. 


Got another podcast that helps you keep up with the latest digital marketing trends? Sound off in the comments.