No matter what your unique business or situation, there's a wealth of inspiring and actionable books ready to help you learn and grow. There are books aimed at female entrepreneurs, creative entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs trying to take their business to the next level through social media. Successful entrepreneurs, like the sharks of Shark Tank, have written memoirs and personal perspectives on what worked for them.

But what about the pre-entrepreneurs, the new entrepreneurs, the almost-entrepreneurs, and the soon-to-be entrepreneurs?

If you're entrepreneurial journey has yet to begin or is just beginning, you likely have a lot of questions: How do you know if this idea is the right idea to bet it all on? How do you know what to expect when you finally make the leap and leave the safety of a full-time role for the fall-less-predictable life of an entrepreneur? What tools can you use to save yourself time, money and stress?

These books will help you answer some of those questions so you feel ready for your next chapter. They offer insights about what entrepreneurship is like, and point you toward the tools, tactics and strategies you need to make sure that you and your new endeavor have the best shot at success. Pick and choose the ones most relevant to your situation, go deep with all the books in a specific focus area, or embark on a serious binge-read with the full list:

Getting Into The Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Entrepreneur's Toolbox of Strategies, Tools & Tactics

Getting & Vetting Powerful Ideas

Basics & Classics