Think of the best presentation or speech you'd ever seen. Whether it a famous TEDTalk, a conference keynote by a professional speaker, or a colleague's all-star client presentation, it likely stuck with you because the presenter delivered their message with the confidence and authority that can only come with careful practice.

No matter what industry you work in, or what role you play at your company, speaking and presenting is undoubtedly part of the job. Even if you don't routinely have to pitch clients, woo potential investors, or present reports to your entire department, honing your public speaking skills can have a powerful impact on the more subtle interactions you face every day.

These top-notch books on public speaking and persuasion will help you take center stage, whether you're trying to have a tough conversation with your boss, ace an important client meeting, work the room at a party, or make a good impression on a date.

by Peter Coughter

The author of this narrative book has worked with some of the best advertising agencies in the world, so he knows the elements of a good pitch. Through relatable stories of real experiences, he walks you through the elements of an effective pitch, from how to practice so that you know the material (versus the presentation), how to support your fellow presenters, and how to be as authentic as possible.

by Robert B. Cialdini, PH.D

This book isn't intended as a speaker's playbook, but understanding how persuasion works is a must for every effective presenter. In this book, Cialdini draws on his impressive background studying influence and persuasion to present six truths you can draw on to improve your own persuasiveness and quickly detect when someone is trying to shift your beliefs.

by Chris Anderson

TEDTalks are notoriously clear, concise and powerful, and the head of TED shares his tips for taking your own presentations to the next level in this insights-packed book. He not only addresses the way you should carry yourself as you deliver your message, but also offers advice for honing the actual content of your presentation to maximize your message's impact.

by Daniel H. Pink

So many of our normal interactions are essentially acts of sales; We're convincing, persuading, and converting others to support our vision, opinion or plan. In this book, Daniel Pink unpacks the factors that impact the way we interact with one another and offers tactical and actionable advice--based on a wealth of scientific studies--on how to be more persuasive, relatable, and clear when sharing your message.

by Michael Port

In "Steal The Show," Michael Port--also the author of the bestselling "Book Yourself Solid"--applies lessons from acting and theater to the world of sales, speaking, and presenting. He offers tips on properly integrating humor into your speaking, how to modulate your voice and tone, and more to help you make all your "everyday performances" more compelling.

by Dale Carnegie

This classic book, revised and updated, echoes the style of Carnegie's most famous book, "How To Win Friends And Influence People." Carnegie gives insights into the ways that your behavior impacts the way others perceive you and interact with you, and offers tips for shifting your actions to make it more likely that you'll get the response you want, whether you're on stage, in a boardroom or just having a heart-to-heart.