For most entrepreneurs, growing and scaling their businesses is a key focus. As a solopreneur or small team with limited time and resources, finding new ways to bring in revenue and optimize time being spent is key to long term success. And yet, many entrepreneurs still struggle to make meaningful client connections to grow their business, and to track that growth in a way that allows them to continue their path to success.

This challenge is particularly present for coaches and consultants, whose income can be disproportionally limited by their own time. And yet, Nicole Moore, the founder of Love Works Method, and has grown her dating coach business to more than $900K a year. 

"For me, success in a coaching business comes down to three things: building your potential client base, marketing that converts, and mastering your mindset," Moore says.

"You need lots of potential clients to market to to really make it big, you must be a master of your message to turn those potential clients into buyers, and you must have a positive success mindset to carry you in the moments of doubt and failure," she says.

Moore shared some of her tips for other coaches and consultants to grow their business in an efficient and realistic way. 

Your Email List IS Your Client List

"Without my email list, I wouldn't have a business," Moore says. "100% of the revenue in my business comes from people on my email list, who subscribe to receive my content weekly."

In an age where social media seems to be king, the tried and true email list is still an unrivaled way to have direct interaction with and ownership of your audience. By building you email list, you give yourself the ability to have direct communication with your audience on a regular basis, both for creating a deeper connection and selling your services. Building that list should be a key focus. 

"You can build your email list through social media, via paid advertising, and by posting and sharing content with a link for people to opt in to your list," Moore says.

Don't Be Stingy With Free Content

If you're working on building your email list, creating content to share through that list is a great complementary strategy. This content could be blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, e-books, guides and more. And Moore suggests tht it shouldn't just be any content, but should be your best content.

"Create free content that will give your ideal customer an immediate an instant result, and don't be afraid to share your BEST teachings for free," Moore says.

"Many marketers teach giving away only a portion of your content to potential clients and then saving the goodies for when they actually sign up as a client," Moore says, "but I've found that by giving real, tangible and actionable advice in every piece of free content I offer, women come to a sales conversation with me or my team already interested in working with me."

Jay Baer, a NYT bestselling author and marketing speaker puts it another way: "You have to give away information snacks to sell knowledge meals." By demonstrating your expertise to your consumers in small chunks, you make is easier for them to see the value you can bring them through a paying relationship. 

"My audience knows my methods work because they've actually gotten a tangible result with them before even becoming a client," Moore says. "This builds the 'know, like and trust' factor that is so crucial to getting clients," Moore says.

Master Your Mindset

"Building a coaching business is not for the faint of heart," Moore says. "You face rejection all of the time from potential clients, a steep learning curve and a ton of competition. I had to develop a rock solid success mindset to stay motivated and not quit."

In order to succeed in growing your coaching business, you too need to develop resilience, grit and a growth mindset. So how do you do that?

"I started a practice of zooming out every time I hit a hard moment in my business: imagining the future successful version of me looking back at this current challenge with a smile," Moore suggest. "I didn't wish or hope to be successful one day.  I absolutely positively believed that success in my coaching business was inevitable."

Continued learning and inspiration helps too, she says. "I also read personal development books every single day before starting work to make sure that my mind was prepped for success," Moore says. She recommends two of her favorites, The Science of Getting Rich and The Game of Life and How to Play It