There is a huge difference between customers and subscribers, and every entrepreneur knows it. Though both of these buyer species might or might not make multiple purchases, the general observation is that subscribers tend to buy more than customers.

So if you really do value your subscribers and would like to gain even more of them on social media and via e-mail - let them know it at least in one of the following ways.

1. Make Use of Their Feedback and Let Them Know

Many entrepreneurs whine and beg for feedback from their subscribers, but most of them do that for the sake of building up the reputation of the company. However, in case you don't only pay attention to the positive comments, but also consider the critique, fix the problems and let your subscribers know about it personally - that will be a real win.

2. Send a Tasty Treat

Nothing could possibly ensure the loyalty better than tasty treats. Reward your most loyal customers with cookies or chocolate - that would show them you care without any words.

3. H Stands for Humor

For some reason, many entrepreneurs think that humor online might harm the reputation of the company. That's wrong - unless humor is dark or insulting, there is nothing that could cheer your subscribers up better than a good and creative joke.

4. Get Them Games

Interact with your customers, don't let them get bored. Create your very own kind of a game that fits social media format and launch it monthly. You could even offer minor discounts to the winners.

5. Throw a Party of a Year

Some entrepreneurs try hard to go from offline business to online version, however, sometimes it is necessary to meet your customers face to face. Why don't you throw a party once in a while - no matter whether your business is local or not, you could always find a fitting format.

6. Make Announcements

Video announcements are a great way to create a personal connection between you and your clients. With their help your business loses its facelessness and it will be more pleasant for your subscribers to deal with a person and not just a brand.

7. Celebrate the Milestones

Whenever the number of your subscribers reaches the new milestone, let them know about it. Write a "thank you" post, tell how important each of your subscribers is to you and your business - it's truth, after all.

8. Create Unexpected News

Of course, your customers are curious about your newest updates and changes in business. But if you add just a hint of creativity, your newsletter won't be just useful to read - it will be interesting and that is what matters for the most subscribers.

9. Random Discounts - a Good Kind of Random

Scroll your business page on Facebook. Find a random positive or useful comment of one of your subscribers. Send him a discount via email or message and wish him a nice day.

10. Make It Personal

Address your active subscribers personally. That will help you to build up a healthy business relationship, to strengthen the trust of your customers and to create an emotional connection.

11. Say "I Love You"

Sometimes you just need to deliver a straightforward message. Tell your subscribers you love and value them as well as their attention and interest for your products and services.

Because your subscribers deserve it.