Google has become much more than a search engine a long time ago. It is a brand to remember, a symbol to consider, an example to follow, a well-structured virtual system, a concept of a corporate culture - and, of course, it stays this way for a reason.

However, despite all the positive global changes Google keeps bringing to the world, some of you might have noticed that other corporations go too far in their attempts to become more Google-like. Before you implement the Google role model at your own company or enter a corporation with a similar policy, you'd better remember of all the flaws and fails that might come along with the perks.

Flaw #1: Company = Family

On one hand, it looks like a jolly good idea - creating a community within the company with the bonds similar to the ones of a family. But don't we all know how often seemingly good ideas backfire?

The concept of the democratic company where employer take care of his employees did exist before Google, however, this corporation brought the concept to the completely new level, with a horizontal structure and the feeling of equality. And even though the latter two factors are extremely attractive, especially in compare with the virtual structured organizations, it is really hard to avoid the sensation of insincerity sometimes. No need to speculate on "we-are--your-family" concept too much - there are many other ways to win employee's loyalty.

Flaw #2: The Illusion of Freedom

When you find out that no one is going to charge you in case of five minute lateness and when you are told that you might use 20% of your working time to muse on your own projects - it might make you sigh with relief. However, the dangerous part is that sometimes relevant freedom is just an illusion of freedom.

And it's better to set up some limitations rather than quietly load your employees with such amount of tasks that they will have to spend several hours working at home, thus paying for the luxury of coming five minutes later than expected. Of course, the hypothetical possibility of developing your projects during the working time in such conditions is just as delusional as the thought that you actually have some freedom in your working place.


Flaw #3: Artificially Overgoogled

The mix of friendliness, enthusiasm and excitement at work seems like something that every employee would like to experience. The cozy working environment means a lot for success of the company, but in order to create it you should concentrate on the causes and not on the effects.

If you manage to keep your employees in enthusiastic mood all the time, it's swell; however, requiring good spirits on a constant basis leads to fake smiles all over the place.

There are many positive features in Google role model one could use at his own company (or enjoy while working at a corporation of a kind). However, "googliness" concept might turn out badly, if one idealizes it too much and follows it blindly.