You could be a good or a bad entrepreneur, you could offer language teaching services or sell homemade pies, but no matter what business you own and how you manage it, sooner or later you will have to deal with them. With the three types of customers that come and haunt both beginners and experienced customers in their nightmares. However, there are tips that allow to make your communication with them almost bearable - in case you are able to recognize them in time.


The EYBO ("Eat Your Brain Out")

Their motto: "We do not think"

Their essence: You would call these customers meticulous, if not for the complete absence of any sense in their questions. There is no such thing about the product or the process of purchase that typical "Eat Your Brain Out" person wouldn't ask.

This customer will question the most elementary steps during the ordering process, the quality of your product, the existence of your company and, what is even more annoying - he will most likely drop the order before its completion.

The cure: expanded version of FAQ. If you meet with EYBO face to face way too often in order not to lose patience - make a list of answers based on their questions and offer this list to each new specimen of the type.


The Roarers

Their motto: "Let them hear us roar"

Their essence: fortunately or unfortunately, you recognize them as soon as you see them. It doesn't matter whether you are friendly and helpful, it doesn't matter whether your products and services are qualitative and have a reasonable price - either way the Roarers will find a cause to snap at you.

Do you have a special form for the order? They will find a flaw in it, even in case there is none, and they will scold you like a child for that. You take orders directly? "In good companies they offer special forms to fill in".

As if it wasn't bad enough, no matter how high or low the price of your services and products is, Roarers never lose an opportunity to let you know that for the money they pay to you they could as well own you till the end of your life.

The cure: try to learn and be able to tell the Roarers apart from people whose customer experience had really been dissatisfying. Roarers' criticism should not be taken seriously - these customers simply look for a reason to complain and they usually talk in a really rude manner. However, bad service can be a cause of rudeness as well, so watch out.


The Snails

Their motto: "Our decisions are slow"

Their essence: if one needs 10 minutes in average to fill in your form and complete the order, the Snails will complete the form in several days. Or weeks. Or by the time you will pass your company to your children.

They like your services, they need your product, they really would like to buy it... but not today. They won't annoy you with unnecessary questions and won't answer to your careful reminders. And only after you lose all your hope and stop bothering them, the Snails suddenly purchase their order.

The cure: patience. Remind the Snails about yourself once in a while, but not very often - the excessive quantity of "You wished to make an order on our website" scares them off. Let Snails take their time - they will appreciate such attitude.


Of course, there are much more types of customers you wish you never came across. But EYBOs, Roarers and Snails are something every entrepreneur has to face with at least once in his life, so it's better to be prepared.