Are you accomplished, authentic, a novice or a no-name? Within the first several seconds of an encounter, someone is sizing up your value.

Your brand isn't what you believe it is -- it's what others say it is. Their perception is critical to overcoming barriers and building credibility in the first encounter.

Whether you are raising capital, pitching a new client or elevating your profile through social media, the intangible attributes of your brand can give you a competitive edge.

Here are five simple strategies to get noticed and gain credibility in 30 seconds or less.

Magnetize your presence.

Your energy and attitude play a major role in shaping others' perception of your value. Be as intentional about your thoughts as you are about your words and wardrobe.

Action: Envision the outcome. You successfully secured the contract or received a referral. Experience the confidence of achievement and make a conscious choice to embody a winning attitude. Positive thoughts elevate your energy and magnetism.

Script your success.

Preparation meets opportunity, but preparation starts with a pen. Don't be caught off guard. Anticipate what will be asked of you and script out your message. Remember to maximize the moment.

Action: You are preparing for a new business pitch. You will be asked about the cost of your services and the return on investment. Although you have done this pitch many times, don't wing it. Script your ask and anticipate their distinct argument. By drafting your case in advance, you can prepare and practice. Now you are poised to boldly ask for what you're worth while negotiating like a pro.

Give value.

I call it the G2 principle, Give to Get. To be recognized as valuable, be someone who gives value. Look for ways to support others, and share ideas and contacts. You can create high value for your brand because you will be perceived as a valuable resource of knowledge, connections, or influence.

Action: In the first encounter, recognize an unmet need and offer to do something to support their goal. You will be surprised how giving advice or a contact can win over skeptics and give you instant credibility.

Be visual.

Eighty percent of communication is visual. In fact, statistics say that nonverbal cues have four times the impact on the impression you make than anything you say.

Action: Do a visual inventory starting with your headshot, logo, choice of colors, and social media. All of these assets create a visual experience for your brand. You can communicate intangible attributes such as premium, innovative, experienced, and trusted, simply by your visual cues.

Get introduced.

It's time to have others speak for you. Your tight and skinny 30-second pitch is great, but empowering others to be a champion for your brand is better. Their endorsement to those you do not know is golden.

Action: A great way to get introduced by others is to attend an event or meeting as a guest of someone who is your supporter. Your supporter will not only make sure to strategically introduce you but he or she will become an endorser and advertiser for your brand. Authentic advocacy immediately elevates interest from others and serves to boost your credibility.