Fear compromises progress. Whether we want to admit it or not, it is lurking around every big decision, life changing circumstance and new opportunity. It can keep you stuck in a bad relationship, tied to a job you hate and doubtful about your ability to achieve your next big opportunity. Don't you think it's time to live more and fear-less?

Let's start with a journey of self-discovery. Your identity is an inside job. It takes work to know yourself authentically. It takes courage to challenge your thoughts, live with boldness and command your value. Your greatest opportunity lies behind your greatest fear.

Often the biggest dilemma isn't what others say it is what you believe about yourself. Although you may have achieved some level of success, could fear be keeping you from your next big break. Here are a few simple, yet practical daily habits to overcome self-doubt and build unshakable confidence to conquer anything.

1. Invest in yourself -- first - This may seem like a simple task but it can become more challenging as your responsibilities and obligations increase. You may wear the titles of wife, husband, executive, coach, parent, son, sibling, volunteer and more. The more titles, the more obligated you may feel to manage other people's needs and expectations. If you don't define your own priorities, first -- you will spend a lifetime managing others. First, identify what matters most to you each day. Start with identifying your top three priorities for the day and make sure at least one of them is about you. Examples include: working out, time for prayer and meditation, taking time to unwind, reading a book, etc. The more you make investing in yourself a priority, the more in-tune you will be with what matters most. You are now poised to experience success and fulfillment.

2. Kill the excuses - Leaders take ownership for their results. If you haven't moved forward, possibly it is hidden fear that is paralyzing your progress. Because you have invested the time to know yourself, you can recognize the problem. Now it's time for intervention. Have you quantified your outcomes? For example, you have a fear of public speaking but you need to pitch your company to get new clients. Put practical, time-bound goals on paper. Find someone to hold you accountable to write your pitch by the end of the week. Practice presenting to a friend twice a week. Set up an appointment in a month to pitch your business idea to a real client. Momentum creates positive reinforcement. Identify what is getting in the way of your progress and eliminate it fast.

3. Take action - Overcoming fear takes immediate action. Start with a shift in your mindset. The most influential leaders are able to accomplish greatness because they first believe it is possible. They are so convinced of their ability and recognize that fear is only an illusion to keep them stagnant. Choose to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Choose to be more mindful about the thought patterns you entertain. Are they positive or negative? Research suggests we have the capacity to have more than 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of them are negative. These create a belief system that shape your world and your actions. Often great leaders have crafted a mindset of opportunity verses scarcity. See risk as an opportunity to learn. Thoughts create your attitude and your attitude drives your actions.