Celebrities might be known more for their entertainment talents than their financial savvy, but many are throwing their dollars behind tech startups as early angel investors.

According to CB Insights, the top 75 famous investors have given about $4.6 billion to private companies since 2007. Last year, celebrities participated in 101 deals totaling approximately $2 billion. While the year isn't over yet, 2016 is shy of last year's figure at less than $500 million.

The top most active celeb investors hail from the music, TV, movie, sports and fashion industries, with actor Ashton Kutcher at the top of the list. While these active investors have backed a range of popular companies like Airbnb, Spotify and Birchbox, there is one that seems to be a celebrity favorite: Casper. The mattress company has received money from Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steve Nash and Nas. If you have a startup that's raising money, courting one of these A-listers may not be such a bad idea.

For more on the celeb-investor continuum, see CB Insights' infographic below:

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