When you think of branding genius, the Terminator might not be the first person who comes to mind, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has been named Adweek's Brand Visionary for 2016.

The publication just released this year's Brand Geniuses--that is, its list of marketing masterminds, as the publication describes it. Aside from Schwarzenegger's accolades as a visionary, traditional names like Intel Chief Marketing Officer Steve Fund and Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall, make the genius list.

The 69-year-old may seem like an odd choice--particularly given his controversial personal life--but the media-focused magazine points to his versatility. The actor/former California governor/soon-to-be Celebrity Apprentice boss continually reinvents himself.

"Schwarzenegger's tough guy personal brand, which has even been celebrated in recent Super Bowl ads (Bud Light and Mobile Strike), has solidified him as one of the most famous pop culture icons of all time, " says Lisa Granatstein, editor at Adweek.

Kym Blanchard, integrated marketing director at Adweek, explains that the brand visionary designation is awarded to those who have successfully molded themselves into a different brand or have otherwise proven themselves as marketing gurus. Past honorees include: Arianna Huffington, Bono, Russell Simmons and Michael Bloomberg.

For the multi-hyphenate Schwarzenegger, reinvention is certainly a favored pastime. From bricklaying entrepreneur, to five-time Mr. Universe winner, real estate investor, Hollywood action star, California governor and founder of the Institute for State and Global Policy at USC, he has done it all (almost).

Even now, Schwarzenegger is currently juggling roles as fitness/climate change expert and businessman. In August, he launched the Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival, next month he'll speak at a sustainability conference at Oberlin College, and early next year, he'll replace Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.

So what can be learned from Schwarzenegger's long and varied career? The importance of staying top of mind--and that being bold (and sometimes brash) isn't such a bad thing.