Gwyneth Paltrow joins the crew of A-listers you can network with (theoretically) on LinkedIn, as the Goop founder and actress debuted her new profile on the social networking site this week.

Of course, the internet is buzzing about Paltrow's explanation about why she posted to Goop about her breakup with musician Chris Martin. It was called a "conscious uncoupling" and in a video sit down with LinkedIn Executive Editor Daniel Roth, she explained why at the time she chose to air her personal business with Goop readers. But there's much more than that juicy tidbit you'll find interesting in the brief chronicle of Paltrow's e-commerce site, which she explains stemmed from her serving as "a curator of sorts for my friends and family."

Many would naturally assume that her fame helped catapult Goop to success. "My business is doubling and doubling and doubling," Paltrow tells Roth. But fame has a double edge too. The entrepreneur recounts the "weird obstacles" she's navigated "as a woman previously very well known for doing something else." While she could formerly brush off inaccurate news and gossip, it's a little harder to do when your funders call demanding answers following reports that you're leaving the company.

Of course, even that's been a net positive for the site, she says adding: "When you have an e-commerce business, no press is bad press. Everything drives people to the site."

And for the wonkier among you, she gets into the metrics she looks to most in the running of her site. Paltrow admits to monitoring the brand's Shopify dashboard several times a day and pays close attention to newsletter open rates to track engagement.

Looks like it's working too. Goop has nearly one million subscribers and a new skincare line which Paltrow says is improving her company's margins. She's also collected $20 million in venture capital backing. But what's helped her the most as an entrepreneur? Her desire to never play by the rules and staying true to her instincts, she says.