Bre Pettis, the 3D printing wiz and founder of MakerBot, just launched Bre & Co for those times when gifting a candle just won't do. The company aims to make heirloom-quality gifts that can be given to loved ones for special achievements, as stated in his Med ium post.

Pettis explains the company began as a personal project designing watches for friends as a token of gratitude. The entrepreneur grew this hobby into a business with gifts to mark special occasions but that can also be handed down to future generations.

Of course, heirlooms aren't cheap. The collection includes watches made with gold coins priced at $5,800, an origami-inspired 3D printed teapot for $320 and a $425 stainless steel pen that can "also be used to break the windows out if the owner is ever in the position of being in a car sinking into water." The gift boxes are made of reclaimed wood from Thomas Edison's factory in New Jersey.

There are also several options for budget buyers, like a 3D printed pendant for only $180, but Bre & Co. is banking that people are willing to spend more on craftsmanship that can last for years. Pettis says in his post that the company isn't at scale--and won't be even if the company is successful. "I'm hoping that we can grow it slowly and intentionally and maintain a high level of obsession to create beautiful things with pride," he notes.